Google's Matt Cutts Talks Facebook/Twitter Links' Influence on Search Ranking

21 12 2010

We recently looked at how Google and Bing use links on Twitter and Facebook for organic ranking, following an informative piece from Danny Sullivan on the matter. Google’s Matt Cutts has now addressed the subject a bit more in a new video uploaded to Googles’ Webmaster Help Channel .

Matt Cutts: Google Probably Won't Call PageRank Something Else

7 03 2010


Ways to Get Fresh Links to Old Content for Better Search Rankings

6 02 2010

You may have gotten some good links in the past, but don’t count on them helping you forever. Old links go stale in the eyes of Google. Do you still get links to old content?

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Ways to Get Fresh Links to Old Content for Better Search Rankings

How Google Rates Links from Facebook and Twitter

18 01 2010

The first Matt Cutts Answers Questions About Google video of the year has been posted, and in it Matt addresses links from Twitter and Facebook, after talking about his shaved head again. Specifically, the submitted question he answers is: Links from relevant and important sites have always been a great way to get traffic & acceptance for a website.

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How Google Rates Links from Facebook and Twitter

Google Ditches PageRank in Webmaster Tools

21 12 2009

Google has quietly gotten rid of PageRank in Webmaster Tools. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable points to a thread featuring an explanation from Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Susan Moskwa. “We’ve been telling people for a long time that they shouldn’t focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it’s the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true,” says Moskwa.

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Google Ditches PageRank in Webmaster Tools

Is PageRank Affected by Google Links?

2 09 2009

In the latest Google Webmaster Central YouTube Channel upload from Matt Cutts, he talks about whether or not Google places value on its own links with regards to Pagerank. Cutts took on the following user question: Question: Does Google value its own links for PR/Linkjuice? Google Bookmarks, Google Profiles, etc

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Is PageRank Affected by Google Links?

Google Changes to No-Follow on the Horizon?

19 06 2009

We made a video at SMX Advanced with Stephen Spencer recently where we discussed (among other things) some changes expected(?) to be coming to Google in terms of the no-follow attribute.

BrowseRank The Next PageRank, Says Microsoft

28 07 2008

It shouldn’t be the links that come in, but the time spent browsing a relevant page, that should help determine where a page ranks for a given query. Microsoft has a big idea on ranking pages listed in a search engine index for later retrieval

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BrowseRank The Next PageRank, Says Microsoft

Cutts: Look For New Toolbar PageRanks Soon

25 07 2008

Users of the Google Toolbar will see updated PageRank values for websites become available over the next few days. Google’s noteworthy engineer Matt Cutts stirred up the SEO world with a little note on his blog. The always-sparkling discussion of PageRank and its secret sauce got a nudge from Cutts with his announcement.

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Cutts: Look For New Toolbar PageRanks Soon

10 Ways To Increase Pages Indexed

22 01 2008

For a while now webmasters have fretted over why all of the pages of their website are not indexed.

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10 Ways To Increase Pages Indexed