10 Ways To Increase Pages Indexed

22 01 2008

For a while now webmasters have fretted over why all of the pages of their website are not indexed.

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10 Ways To Increase Pages Indexed

Addressing Assumptions of the Original PageRank

18 01 2008

When the original PageRank algorithm was conceived, it was built around the a mathematical formalization called random walk or RW . Considering a normal surfer to be a random walker, it was assumed that an individual would browse the Internet and randomly visit one of the pages followed by more pages through the hyperlinks on each of the landing pages.

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Addressing Assumptions of the Original PageRank

Webmasters Ponder PageRank Discrepancy

14 01 2008

An update to the Google Directory has webmasters puzzling over an apparent discrepancy in PageRank scores. For months, the speculation surrounded an apparent decrease in PageRank scores on Google’s Toolbar

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Webmasters Ponder PageRank Discrepancy

Google Not Following its Own Paid Link Rules

8 01 2008

One of the more entertaining aspects of the entire paid links debate is Google is pretty quick to dole out the punishment, even though in many cases they haven’t taken the time to get their own house in order. We’ve discussed the links to Golfballs.com on the Google checkout blog multiple times

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Google Not Following its Own Paid Link Rules

Hospitals Could Google For Superbug Movement

5 01 2008

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) poses a deadly threat to people, especially hospital patients. One effort to track infections in a facility would utilize Google’s PageRank algorithm to do so.

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Hospitals Could Google For Superbug Movement