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19 12 2010

Neutrality Or Bust

SEO Tools for On Page & Off Page SEO: When you’re tired of playing childish games like leap-frog in the search r…

Click Fraud: What Is Your Ad Network Doing About It?: Click fraud is a serious problem. With proper vigilance th…

Isle Of Tune Lets You Compose Music By Um, City Planning by @alexia

Instagram Gains Suggested Users, 7 New Languages, And Yes, 2 New Filters by @parislemon

Google Quietly Kills Their Creepy Latitude Location Alerts Feature by @parislemon

Former Yahoo Engineers Shed Light On Why Delicious And Other Acquisitions Failed by @leenarao

The @Mention Cloud

Online Video In 2011: Connected TVs, Social Recommendations, And Standards Wars

Gillmor Gang 12.18.10 (TCTV)

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13 12 2010

When Will China’s Internet Giants Open the Acquisition Wallet? (TCTV) by @sarahcuda

Google Mobile Searches Grew 130 Percent In Q3 by @leenarao

Keen On… Tim Ferriss: How To Turn Your Body Into A Startup (TCTV) by @ajkeen

12 Days Of Christmas: Kobo E-Reader And E-Books

UserVoice Brings Its Customer Feedback Service To Facebook Pages by @jasonkincaid

TechCrunch TRON LEGACY Screenings In New York And San Francisco by @arrington

Glam Signals Its Social Aspirations With A Key Hire by @erickschonfeld

Was Youku a Chinese Internet Netscape Moment? (TCTV) by @sarahcuda

Ex-Wikileaks Folks Start Openleaks, The Next-Generation Of Leaking

Former Googler Launches Disconnect, Browser Extension That Disables Third Party Data Tracking by @alexia

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10 12 2010

VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance –

Uber Launches Car Service In Paris (For a Day) by @arrington

Can ShoeDazzle Finally Make Celebrity Co-Founders Pay Off? (TCTV) by @sarahcuda

TechCrunchTV After Dark: So Kincaid, Lacy and Dennis Crowley Walk into a Bar…(TCTV) by @sarahcuda

Twitter’s Year In Review Begins With A Tweet Tree by @erickschonfeld

Gmod Wired Firework Show Tutorial 1 –

Hashable Starts Measuring The Strength Of Your Relationships by @erickschonfeld Tutorial –

Windows Phone 7 Developers Can Finally See How Their Apps Are Selling by @grg

Ubuntu Tutorial 8 – Installing Audio & Video Codecs –

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30 11 2010

American Express Now Lets You Swap Rewards Points For Zynga’s Purple Cows by @jasonkincaid

Minecraft Mob trap/looting system – Tutorial –

Y Combinator And Yodlee Team Up To Give Startups Access To Financial Data by @leenarao

Enterprise Cloud Management Software Maker Abiquo Raises $10 Million by @robinwauters

Photoshop Tutorial: Remove a Timestamp from a Photo! –

EU’s Antitrust Probe Into Google Focuses On Niche Local Search Engines by @mikebutcher

SEO Web Design Tips: Making sure visitors can reach your pages, hear your message and see the connected visual c…

PowerCloud Systems Spins Out Of PARC, Gets More Backers by @robinwauters

Call of Duty Black Ops: Upload theater mode clips w/o capture card by HaYDuH (BO Gameplay/Tutorial) –

Totsy Lands $5 Million In Funding For Flash Sales Site For Children Products by @robinwauters