Top AMWAY Agent in Malaysia & Singapore Khoo Chong Kok & Chai Choo

29 12 2010

This couple earn more than 9 digits per year from AMWAY.

皇冠大使直系直銷商 – 邱宗国与彩珠夫妇

Crown Ambassador – Khoo Chong Kok & Chai Choo

Khoo started out as an opponent of the Amway business, convincing more than 20 of his friends to abandon it, amongst them a 12-percenter. When he eventually understood the Amway Opportunity, he amazed everyone by quitting in 1982, the final year of his Engineering degree in Australia to build his Amway business. His passion and commitment best exemplifies the energy he puts into growing it into a global business. Twenty years ago, he caught a glimpse of the unlimited potential of the Amway business and took up the challenge. His far-sightedness has rewarded him with strong Amway businesses in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, United States of America, India, Singapore and many other countries. Actively partnering with ambitious Amway Distributors throughout his organization, he enjoys a strong camaraderieship with like-minded people from all walks of life, who believe in working together for a better tomorrow, through Amway. Khoo is also an EDC in China. In Vietnam he has more than 20000 downlines organization. He is also Diamond in Korea by 2008.

  • Joined: January 1982
  • DD: December 1983
  • Emerald: August 1987
  • Diamond: August 1992
  • Executive Diamond: July 1997
  • Double Diamond: August 2000
  • Triple Diamond: August 2001
  • Crown: June 2003
  • Crown Ambassador: August 2003

Fruit Ninja Lite – Halfbrick Studios

25 12 2010
Fruit Ninja Lite artwork

Fruit Ninja Lite

Halfbrick Studios

Genre: Games

Price: Free

Release Date: December 20, 2010


Millions of players all around the world are enjoying Fruit Ninja and its constant supply of free updates and new game modes – and now for players who haven't yet had a taste, Fruit Ninja Lite is ready to download at no charge!

The simple yet incredibly satisfying gameplay of Fruit Ninja is ready for action in Fruit Ninja Lite, which features a sample of Classic Mode, the exciting first game that started the phenomenon! Simply swipe the screen to deliciously slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior – but be careful of bombs, which will put a swift end to your juicy adventure!

In Fruit Ninja Lite you can even get a taste of the Dojo, where your success in game can unlock awesome new backgrounds and blades! There are also a small sample of achievements to unlock, with three exclusive to Fruit Ninja Lite! You can also post your results on Twitter and Facebook, showing off your ninja skills to the world!

Fruit Ninja Lite is just a small sample of what the full Fruit Ninja has to offer, and within you can also check out a sneak preview of the three extra game modes – Zen Mode, Game Center Multiplayer and the brand new Arcade Mode! Each mode is unique, exciting and ready to play in the full version of Fruit Ninja, available worldwide for just 99 cents!

Enjoy Fruit Ninja Lite today and experience the quality of the original and the best slicer on iPhone!

Stay juicy!

© 2010 Halfbrick Studios

KL International Motor Show 2010

4 12 2010

This year, the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) is back for its 7th presentation to delight car enthusiasts and motoring reviewers from the region, showcasing the automotive achievements of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

The 2010 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) themed “We Care” with 4 core traits, commitment, advancement, reliability & environment. KLIMS’10 will add momentum to the Green Campaign by encouraging the automotive industry to showcase environment friendly vehicles and promoting the appeal of these vehicles to the public.

SPAM King arrested : Oleg Nikolaenko from Moscow

4 12 2010
Oleg Nikolaenko, a 23-year-old from Moscow, (born July 17, 1987) is believed by the FBI to be the man behind “Mega-D,” a network of half a million computers that send out about one-third of all spam in the world. Two convicted spammers leaked Nikolaenko’s name to investigators.

Oleg Nikolaenko of Moscow, also know by his online nickname “Docent”, is thought to be the man behind the “Mega-D” bot network of 500,000 infected computers. The botnet sends out millions of spam messages on behalf of scam artists selling fake prescriptions and Rolex watches.

According to The Smoking Gun, Nikolaenko is the first person to be named in conjunction with the operation and creation of “Mega-D”.

FBI investigators have managed to collect financial records from Nikolaenko showing that he had earned nearly $500,000 over a period of six months from fellow spammer Lance Atkinson.

Read the criminal complaint in PDF

Pacific Parade – Another new shopping place in Kota Kinabalu

6 02 2010

Pacific Parade is an integrated Residential and Commercial Development in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Just 2 minutes from the city center and with over 2450 car parks, Pacific Parade promises a congestion free, convenient and affordable shopping experience.

With over 600,000 sq ft of leisure, home improvement, and specialty food retailers coupled with an extensive range of casual, family oriented entertainment and F&B outlets, Pacific Parade is truly, “The New Heart of Kota Kinabalu’!