How Many Planes Are Flying Now?

7 01 2011

This is the view from the satellite. The yellow dots are the planes flying. Looks like the migration of birds from one location to another.

Now we know how busy is our sky’s traffic.

FACET is a simulation tool for exploring advanced air traffic management concepts.
An efficient and effective air traffic management system is vital to the U.S. transportation infrastructure. Since 1978, when the airline industry was deregulated, the inflation adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) has increased by 62 percent. In this same time period, total output of scheduled passenger air transportation (as measured by Revenue Passenger Miles) has increased by 190 percent and total airfreight ton miles have increased by 289 percent. Since 1997, flight delays have skyrocketed – doubling in only four years. These trends are expected to continue. In 1998, airline delays in the U.S. cost industry and passengers $4.5 billion — the equivalent of a 7 percent tax on every dollar collected by all the domestic airlines combined.

Every day, more than 7,500 aircraft crowd into Britain’s skies

GDI isThe Internet's Hottest New Business Opportunity video 2

3 01 2011

GDI isThe Internet’s Hottest New Business Opportunity join now

on Yahoo! Video

GDI isThe Internet’s Hottest New Business Opportunity join now

Father's app lets disabled son 'speak' thru iPad  (AP)

26 12 2010

AP – Victor Pauca will have plenty of presents to unwrap on Christmas, but the 5-year-old Winston-Salem boy has already received the best gift he’ll get this year: the ability to communicate.

UniFi installation guide, testing and reviews

7 12 2010

UniFi is Malaysia’s fastest internet service now. But it is still very slow if compared with the countries nearby.

Nevermind, we still can tolerate Malaysia’s slowness in internet infrastructure development and quality of services.

UniFi comes with HyppTV, which will become the main competitor to ASTRO. Hopefully it can force ASTRO to reduce it’s month subscription fee. But HyppTV doesn’t have many nice TV channels included. So ASTRO can still enjoy it’s huge profits for another few more years.

This is the actual setup of UniFi. Watch the part 1 video for installation and part 2 for it’s TV quality and channels available.

then….how do they install the Fibre Wall Socket (FWS) ? I found a video here

then, how fast is the speed? (This will depends on your package, your location and the time you test it)

ok, now we check out the UniFi users’ reviews:


so far, most users are happy with it.

But not many UniFi subscribers right now. So, when the number of users increase, it’s internet quality (speed and stability) maybe similar to streamyx.


got mood one

Uses iPhone surveillance to catch robbers at home

6 12 2010

Peter Chen was at work earlier this week when he saw something disturbing on his iPhone.

A man and a 17-year-old boy were robbing his San Jose home.

He could see it through a live feed of a security video camera he had set up and attached to his smartphone.

He called police.

Sandakan Death March 1942-1945

5 12 2010

The Sandakan Death Marches were a series of forced marches from Sandakan to Ranau which resulted in the deaths of more than 3,600 Indonesian civilian slave labourers and 2,400 Allied prisoners of war held captive by the Empire of Japan during the Pacific campaign of World War II at prison camps in North Borneo. By the end of the war, of all the prisoners who had been incarcerated at Sandakan and Ranau, only 6 Australians survived, all of whom had escaped. It is widely considered to be the single worst atrocity suffered by Australian servicemen during the Second World War.

More info and lots of photos at


5 12 2010

在《1937·南京真相》片中,许多内容都是第一次在电视片中披露,其中包括:第一次全景展现南京保卫战始末;第一次展示双方军队的作战命令、战斗详报和日军官兵的阵中日记;不少幸存者、见证者以及施暴者的回忆、信件和记录也是第一次被引证……通篇所有的史实、证据,都由日本老兵日记、法庭审判、幸存者讲述以及拉贝、魏特琳等当年在南京的外国人的记述中一一再现。 Read the rest of this entry »