5 steps to use Facebook to promote your business online

12 02 2010

Facebook is the no.1 social network website in the world. Many Malaysian are now using Facebook daily to keep in touch with their friends and families members. sometime, I saw some of the office staffs in my clients’ office are “playing” Facebook during office working hours too.   :))

If you are a businessman, can you smell the “money” now?

No more stupid excuses that you are not good in computer or don’t understand what is the Internet.

Remember 10 years ago when some people starting to use handphone / mobile phone  ? A lot of traditional businessmen are teasing those who using the expensive toys to communicate with clients. They said it is cheaper to use the fixed line (telephone) to call.

What happen to these group of smart traditional businessmen now? They are now holding an expensive toys such as Blackberry, Nokia Communicator or maybe iPhone. But not sure they know how to use it or not. Probably just to show off to others. Because they realized if they don’t use it or don’t have one of these luxury toys, they will be categorized as cavemen or outdated group of people in the society.

Nowadays, you must learn how to do business on the NET. Learn from the spider. Catch all your “food” on the net/web. Waiting for the victim to come to your dinner table…..

Is it so easy?

Nope. Can you expect to see the customers non-stop walking into your shop if you open a shop in a good location?

There are many ways to promote your business to others. Facebook is just one of them.

Ok, lets start using Facebook to promote and market your products or services.

Step 1 – Open a Facebook account

Step 2 – Search and Add friends

  • ask your friends to add you
  • or search for a friend in Facebook then add him / her
  • join the Facebook Fan group
  • maybe join a few popular Facebook online game

Step 3 – Build a website

  • Get a professional webmaster to create a commercial website for you
  • Do not ask your “just graduated” son/daughter/nephew or cousins to build this for you… (will you ask a fresh graduate or someone just complete a training to renovate your shop?)
  • Put in all your products and services into the website with nice photos
  • If you want to sell online, then get a Shopping Cart System to integrated into your website
  • apply for a payment gateway such as the PayPal
  • Put the Facebook link in your website

Step 4 – Become an active Facebook user

  • Always check your email and try your best to show up everyday in the Facebook
  • How to show up there? Just type in some message in the Facebook to promote your products or services
  • Message your friends there with friendly message
  • Add your friend’s friends
  • Put some nice photos of your products or services

Step 5 – Tell others you have a Facebook account

  • Print your Facebook username or email in your namecards
  • Put it into your email’s signature
  • Print it into your Company Letterhead
  • and whatever other methods … as long as no one is hurt and it is legal

Thats all…wish you all the best….and please don’t forget to add me too  🙂