Check domain name available or not

3 02 2010

Just go to Products & Services, click on the “Check Domain Name”

type in the domain name (e.g. and then click on the “Submit” button.

If the domain name is available, it will say something like:

No match for domain "MYNEWCO.COM".

Meaning, you can register this domain name.

If it show a lot of information about the domain, such as the registered owner,
then this domain is not available.

Just continue to search until you found the domain name you want.

Free 1GB Web Hosting

2 02 2010

Normally you pay RM50 to buy a domain name ( .com ) for 1 year only without hosting.

now you can buy a “.com” domain name from KKBOSS and get 1GB disk space web hosting for free.

You may upload your website using the FTP.

If you need a lot of email storage space for your email accounts. We can help you to redirect your incoming email (e.g. to your Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/live etc.

Just email / SMS / call +60168365333 to check whether your domain name available or not.