Girl's Tricks

2 02 2011

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Watch out guys, pretty girl can take advantage on you if she know how to use her beauty and lady-like character.

This girl said she had been trained since young…..

Don't Be Fooled Online

1 02 2011

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Be careful. Many people use the web to promote their useless products, e.g. antivirus software.

As you know, some web sites have pop-up advertisement windows. Pop-up blocker cannot block all of them. Some villains take advantage of this function to show you misleading messages. They’d tell you your computer has been infected by viruses and you can remove them by clicking on a button. They imitate reputable companies’ logos and layout. Note that despite their messages, your computer has not been infected yet. That is just a malicious advertisement. If you follow the direction to click on a button, your computer will be infected.

Whenever you open your browser, you’ll only see their messages urging you to buy their antivirus software. You won’t even be able to visit any other web site. If you follow the direction to click on a button, they’ll install a Trojan onto your computer. Whenever you open the browser, you computer would run their program. Will buying their software solve this problem? Possibly but don’t. Products marketed with these malicious scams won’t be worth a dime. Using such bad software may even compromise your computer’s own antivirus capability. Moreover, how could you trust these villains with your credit card? These traps are on malicious web sites, Chinese search engines as well as established search engines like Google. These villains use the most attractive baits, e.g. pictures of film stars, to catch their victims. If you’re warned by these pop-up windows about viruses, relax. Just close all these windows you would other advertisement pop-ups. If your computer’s unfortunately infected, remain calm. There’re always solutions. They usually would install an icon on your desktop. Take a look at the properties and you’ll find the location of the executables. Delete them.

The reason your browser runs their program is because of a registry setting on your system. Not a gift registry but a system registry. If you cannot follow, find someone who knows system registries. Then enter your registry and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Win­dows\CurrentVersion\Run. Remove all malicious executables. You don’t need anything in the Run key. Doing this will prevent the malicious programs from taking over your browser. But the program may be running already. You should know the name of the program from the icon’s properties. Go to task manager to stop it. If you don’t know what task manager is, ask that same person who knows system registries. These steps may not remove the Trojan completely but will at least disable it.

After all these steps, your browser may not be operational any more. Fortunately the new computers back up the system regularly. After restoring from the previous system backup, you should be good to go. Infected computers can always be restored. It’s disastrous when the user is infected (addicted).

A 27-year-old mother in South Korea was addicted to online games. She’s online 10 hours a day and neglected her two young sons. A few weeks ago, after playing online games for 4 hours, she was about to take a break. Her three-year-old son peed in his pants. She strangled him to death out or rage.

In Florida a 22-year-old mother shook her three-month-old son to death when he cried while she was playing FarmVille on Facebook. She felt irritated and killed her son. Many people lost their mind and life to gaming. Many people let gaming take over their life.

These things happen every day. There’re rehab centers for drug addicts and alcoholics. It’s a shame there’s no rehab center for online game addicts. Every family is facing this issue. It deserves some attention.

Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

22 01 2011

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16 01 2011

Do you like cycling ? Want to take a cycling tour in Sabah (North Borneo) ?

Join the top travel guide Mr. Tham Yau Kong and his team in the Kinabalu Iron Horse to explore Sabah.

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Everyone Travel to Malaysia

16 01 2011

Want to travel to Malaysia? Find out more about Malaysia attractions and plan your holidays well.

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Sabah – The Place You Must Visit

8 01 2011

Sabah is one of the world last tropical island where it preserve most of it’s natural treasures in good conditions.


How Many Planes Are Flying Now?

7 01 2011

This is the view from the satellite. The yellow dots are the planes flying. Looks like the migration of birds from one location to another.

Now we know how busy is our sky’s traffic.

FACET is a simulation tool for exploring advanced air traffic management concepts.
An efficient and effective air traffic management system is vital to the U.S. transportation infrastructure. Since 1978, when the airline industry was deregulated, the inflation adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) has increased by 62 percent. In this same time period, total output of scheduled passenger air transportation (as measured by Revenue Passenger Miles) has increased by 190 percent and total airfreight ton miles have increased by 289 percent. Since 1997, flight delays have skyrocketed – doubling in only four years. These trends are expected to continue. In 1998, airline delays in the U.S. cost industry and passengers $4.5 billion — the equivalent of a 7 percent tax on every dollar collected by all the domestic airlines combined.

Every day, more than 7,500 aircraft crowd into Britain’s skies