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29 07 2010

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29 07 2010

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24 07 2010

India : World Cheapest Computer ( touch screen Tablet PC) – US$35 only

24 07 2010

From India Real Time:

India’s Tata Motors won praise world-wide for developing the world’s cheapest car, an innovation designed to put millions of Indians behind the wheel. The Indian government Thursday unveiled a computer it hopes will put millions of Indians in front of a screen.

    Associated Press     A low-cost computer was launched by India’s human resource ministry in New Delhi, India on Thursday.

This new computer, aimed at students, costs the same as the country’s cheapest cell phones.

“This is real, tangible and we will take it forward,” Kapil Sibal, minister for human resource development, said at a press conference in New Delhi. The touchscreen tablet will cost about $35, or 1,500 rupees, when it hits markets by early 2011.

The device was developed by students and professors at India’s premier technological institutes, using open-source programming, according to the Associated Press. The Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, Mumbai, Chennai and Kharagpur and the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore researched it in collaboration with the government-operated National Mission on Education.

The National Mission on Education is working to spread connectivity to India’s universities and colleges.
“We have made the breakthrough and are now ready to capture the market,” Mamta Varma, spokeswoman for the human-resource-development ministry, said Friday.

Ms. Varma said the government plans to roll out one million such computers for university students during the first phase, and expand later to primary and secondary schools.

Last month, Uruguay awarded the nonprofit One Laptop per Child a contract to provide 90,000 of its XO laptops for high-school students in the country. The group hopes in the future to price its durable device around $100; right now it sells for more than that.

India’s new device is an improvement over another hardy computer for the masses launched at Tirupathi in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh last year that had been criticized for its cost, among other things.

Ms. Varma said the ministry has also made open invitation to national and global manufacturers to improve upon the prototype unveiled Thursday. “If more innovations will emerge, the cost of the gadget might be further reduced to $20 or $10,” she said.

The yet-to-be-named device, which has the look of an iPad, has the option of charging by a sleek solar panel. It will have features including an Internet browser, a multimedia player, searchable PDF reader, video conferencing ability and wi-fi connectivity. It is supported by a two-watt backup source for places where power supply may be poor. It also comes with a small, 2-gigabyte memory but no hard disk.


My comment :

This new touch screen computer is using Linux operating system. Most people used to windows or Mac computer. I expect people who will buy this mostly are from the poor family who may or may not use a computer before. And some may had been using a computer in school (normally a windows PC). So, most people will find it hard to use and need to learn new software and new ways of doing works from this cheap computer.

Sipadan Island of Sabah (Borneo)

23 07 2010

he above is not at the Sipadan Island. I just want to show the Borneo Island

Science Channel : Through The Wormhole – Episode 1: Is There A Creator

23 07 2010

Did Our Universe Just Come Into Being By Random Chance, Or Was It Created By A God Who Nurtures And Sustains All Life ?
A Documentary Of Science Channel, Host Morgan Freeman.

Science Channel : Through The Wormhole – Episode 2: The Riddle Of Black Holes

23 07 2010

They Are The Most Powerful Objects In The Universe.
Nothing, Not Even Light, Can Escape The Gravitational Pull Of A Black Hole.
A Documentary Of Science Channel, Host Morgan Freeman.

Science Channel : Through The Wormhole – Episode 3: Is Time Travel Possible

23 07 2010

Finding A Way To Travel Backwards Requires Breaking The Speed Of Light, Which So Far Seems Impossible. But Is It Really ?
A Documentary Of Science Channel, Host Morgan Freeman.

Science Channel : Through The Wormhole – Episode 4: What Happened Before The Beginning

23 07 2010

If The Universe Was Born, Where Did It Come From ?
A Documentary Of Science Channel, Host Morgan Freeman.

Science Channel : Through The Wormhole – Episode 5: How Did We Get Here

23 07 2010

Through The Wormhole – Episode 5: How Did We Get Here (1/5)

Everywhere We Look, Life Exists In Both The Most Hospitable Of Environments And In The Most Extreme.
Yet We Have Only Ever Found Life On Our Planet.
How Did The Stuff Of Stars Come Together To Create Life As We Know It ?
What Do We Really Mean By Life, And Will Unlocking This Mystery Help Us Find Life Elsewhere ?
A Documentary Of Science Channel, Host Morgan Freeman.

Through The Wormhole.
Episode 1: Is There A Creator – 720p
Episode 2: The Riddle Of Black Holes – 720p
Episode 3: Is Time Travel Possible – 720p
Episode 4: What Happened Before The Beginning – 720p
Episode 5: How Did We Get Here – 720p
Episode 6: Are We Alone – 720p