Website Maintenance + SEO + Unlimited Hosting

Too busy? Too difficult to maintain your website?

What trouble you now?

  • Do you have a website but no one to help you update your website?
  • Is your webmaster's service fee too expensive?
  • Do you have limited budget?
  • Do you have an active website but no one to take care of it?

We are here to offer ourself to help you to maintain your website! What do you think about this package?

  • Redesign your existing website (Optional) but will try to remain the overall layout design and structure (worth RM5,000 or US$1,600)
  • Make a Search Engine friendly website (good for search engine ranking and positioning)
  • Unlimited number of HTML or PHP webpages update
  • Unlimited text contents
  • Upto 100 images per month for webpages and photo galleries (including thumbnails and large size photos)
  • Contact / Feedback Forms
  • Not include Flash banner or Flash content
  • Not include logo or artwork design
  • Languages support : English, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Indonesia and Malay
  • Accept clients' websites from any country (e.g. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Indonesia, Philippine, Brunei or Malaysia)

How much?

Just US dollar $500 per month !
or $5,000 per year

Cheaper than to hire a maid in United States
(can your maid update your website?)

We are the cheapest you can get for web maintenance services. Others will charge you for at least US$30/hour. Professional webmaster will charge you around US$80/hour. Then why we charge so cheap? because we understand it is hard to measure how long the webmaster complete the job.


  • A simple website update job may take only 2 hours to complete by a professional webmaster. But an inexperience webmaster or students may take weeks to complete the job. Take out your calculator and count how much you will pay.
  • Sometimes, the unprofessional webmaster may cheat on the hours they spend to work on your website. You don't know how much time they used to complete the tasks assigned.

That is why we do not charge on hourly fee basis. Because we think this is the best way to do the job for you.


Salary Snapshot for Webmaster Job

Updated: 15 Jul 2010

Want more discount?

If you prepaid for 1 year in advance :

  • FREE unlimited web hosting plan
  • FREE domain name renewal (.com, .net, .org,,,, .my)
  • Total Payment ? Just US$5,000 (Free 2 months or you save US$1,000) if you prepaid for 1 year web maintenance fee.
  • Free 1 Flash banner
  • Free email support
  • Free redesign your website. To make it SEO friendly. Which can make your website ranked higher in google search results. (worth at least $2000)


Please contact us to find out more

H/P : +60168365333

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