16 01 2011

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3 01 2011

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3 01 2011

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3 01 2011

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Broadband spurs new businesses and ideas in Kenya (Africa)

25 06 2010

The internet has created new ways and opportunities to do business in Kenya. – Reuters pic

NAIROBI, June 24 – When Kenyan graduate Roy Wachira, 25, set out to start his first business, he turned to the Internet, whose growth in the east African nation is spawning opportunities unthinkable even a year ago.

Wachira runs a free social photography site that allows users to view special occasions or travel photos online and provides firms such as telecoms operator Safaricom with a channel to reach their targeted consumers.

The site is one of many innovations in east Africa’s biggest economy spurred by faster Internet speeds through three fibre-optic cables which link Kenya with the rest of the world.

Since the arrival of the TEAMS and SEACOM cables last year and a third one called EASSy last March, costs have fallen to as low as US$22 (RM71.2) per megabyte from US$4,000 previously. Usage has jumped to 15 gigabytes from 1.8 gigabytes eight months ago.

“It is a good time to break into online in Kenya, there is a surge in usage of Internet here,” says Wachira.

Mobile data users quintupled to 1.98 million last year from 398,190 in 2008 and telecoms firms are hoping data services will drive growth as average revenues per user from mobile phone calls fall.

Sanjay Sikka, the chief executive officer of Horizon, an $8-million call centre in the capital, Nairobi, shares Wachira’s optimism.

He says Horizon was set up to take advantage of Kenya’s ambition of going head-to-head with established business process outsourcing (BPO) players such as India and Philippines.

“With the fibre optics coming, that makes everything work,” Sikka said in a plush building with the capacity to house 1,200 agents fielding calls and emails around the clock.

Horizon’s clients include a Kenya telecoms operator and a large British-based firm, says Sikka, who has worked for Accenture and India’s Genpact in a 16-year career.

Those who have ventured into the brave new world of business made possible by faster Internet, however, say challenges abound, including on the regulatory front.

“Digital laws are a big issue, our constitution is really old, it doesn’t have a lot of the stuff you require to enable people to do a lot of digital activities,” says Wachira.

“Parliament needs to do something to change these laws because my generation is going to be online.”

Stephen Kiptinness, a lawyer and head of regulatory affairs for France Telecom’s Telkom Kenya, said a data protection law was long overdue.

“We need one, like, yesterday … we are an information society. This information can be used for scams and identity fraud,” he said. “How the information is collected is critical, how it is stored is critical as is how it is accessed.”

He adds that lack of data protection guarantees, coupled with a judiciary that is perceived to be weak and slow, could dissuade some foreign firms from investing in the sector.

Julian Cunningham-Day, a partner at London-based Linklaters, says there are other challenges to Kenya’s ambitions for its outsourcing sector like unreliable power supply and perceptions of political instability.

“The clashes following the disputed elections in 2007-8 shattered many peoples’ perceptions of Kenya as a politically stable country,” said Cunningham-Day.

Those ructions did not dampen a move towards online shopping. Motivated by the rise of access to the Internet, banks like I&M Bank started this year to offer electronic payments services to businesses in the country.

“The new payment gateway will give potential and existing Kenyan e-commerce merchants the opportunity to expand their sales online with a significant reduction in transaction costs,” says Arun Mathur, the bank’s chief executive.

Businesses which have existed for decades are also searching for ways of leveraging the enhanced access to the Internet.

Peter Mwangi, chief executive of the Nairobi Stock Exchange, says they are looking to introduce Internet and mobile phone-based trading this year to allow investors to take advantage of market moves in real time.

The stock exchange is the fifth-largest in Africa after South Africa, Morocco, Egypt and Nigeria and was the top-peforming market in Africa in the first quarter, with the main index up 25.4 per cent after a lacklustre 2009.

While the bourse awaits the introduction of new channels for trading, Kenyan musicians are already tapping the Web to market their music, and finding.

A group called Just A Band realised the power of the Internet after posting a short clip of its video called Ha-He on YouTube. The clip, that features a character named Makmende, went viral, taking social sites such as Facebook and Twitter by storm.

It spawned Makmende Internet pages, turned the song into a hit that dominated many conversations, mainly around jokes about the tough character who rescues girls and torments the bad guys in his superhero role.


Lin Yu Chun Sings Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'

9 04 2010

Lin Yu Chun, 23, is making the round on the Internet as the next music talent show phenomenon. He appeared on Taiwan’s “Super Star Avenue,” where he belted out a stunning rendition of Whitney Houston’s I will Always Love You.

The winner of Super Star Avenue gets approximately $1 million and a chance to record his or own album. But with the popularity of this recent clip around the world, Chun may not need the talent show to get the eyes and ears of record executives.

Perhaps he will follow the same path as Susan Boyle, who has become a music star despite losing “Britain’s Got Talent” to Diversity.

Hakka song – 海边看飞机场

17 03 2010

词曲编唱 – 畑龙

一个人在Tg. Aru, 看到好多人在拍拖
一粒椰子两条straw, 嘴角还咬着木瓜酸
想到那天你和我讲, 你决定跟他去英国
终于有机会跟他滑雪, 还可以看看外国的月亮

其实我好多话想跟你 说, 放在心里真是口难开
二十年来没跟你说, 晚晚夜夜长长发开口梦才讲!

我真是中意你, 可不可以不要去英国
我真是中 意你, 可不可以不要跟那条啉死

是说你想坐飞机, 不如我带你去近近地
反正翻开报纸都有零票, 两间航空公司斗到要死
槟 城JOHOR吉隆坡.随便你说, 我立刻上网
要就快点, 迟就没罗! 零票book完, 我就冤枉!

其实我好多话想跟你说, 亚庇是一个好好住的地方
多年来鬼老都来观光上神山过pulau去3rd beach晒月光!

我真是中意你, 可不可以不要去英国
我 真是中意你, 怕你睡觉冷到没盖被
我还是中意你, 英国吃不到亚庇生肉面
我真是中意你, 最好还是不要离开亚庇
因为没你在身边我 会死

Check domain name available or not

3 02 2010

Just go to Products & Services, click on the “Check Domain Name”

type in the domain name (e.g. and then click on the “Submit” button.

If the domain name is available, it will say something like:

No match for domain "MYNEWCO.COM".

Meaning, you can register this domain name.

If it show a lot of information about the domain, such as the registered owner,
then this domain is not available.

Just continue to search until you found the domain name you want.

Free 1GB Web Hosting

2 02 2010

Normally you pay RM50 to buy a domain name ( .com ) for 1 year only without hosting.

now you can buy a “.com” domain name from KKBOSS and get 1GB disk space web hosting for free.

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