Reasons that you should wait for the iPhone 5

2 12 2010

7 problems about iPhone 4

1) It’s expensive: Much more expensive than an Intel i5 processor laptop. Example : Acer Aspire 4738G-5464G50 (only RM2,299)

2) It’s using outdated-technology: Ever try iPhone’s bluetooth? It cannot even connect to different version of iPhone. It’s camera resolutions also lower than the current mobile phone’s common standard.

3) No Flash: Maybe they hate Adobe Flash so much that their iPhone Safari do not want to support Flash until now

4) Its battery life is terrible: An iPhone user who browses the internet for a few hours a day is going to drain their battery a lot quicker than the HTC user who makes a few calls, sends a few emails, and checks his stocks online.

5) Developing apps for it is costing you money: If you going to develop an applications to sell in Apple’s iTune, it will cost you a bomb before you make any cents. Go for Android if you don’t have much money initially.

6) It must use high quality headphones: The sound volume is not loud enough. Must use a good quality headphone in order to listen to music. Cannot use normal quality headphone.

7) It might produced a lot of radiations: I tested it using a radiation detector/scanner. It’s radiation emittion reading is higher than the human acceptable level……try it if you have chance.