China No.1 Blogger – Han Han

30 12 2010

韩寒,1982年9月23日出生于中国上海金山。中国职业拉力赛及场地赛车手、作家,《独唱团》杂志主编,并涉足音乐创作。1998年“新概念”作文大赛以《杯中窥人》获一等奖。 1999年3月韩寒开始写作小说《三重门》,出版后至今销量已逾190万多册。现为上海大众333 车队职业赛车手。2010年4月入选美国《时代周刊》“全球最具影响力100人”。很多人愿意称呼他为80后的领军人物,因为他是80后名气最大的一位,也是80后出道最早的代表人物。

Han Han is a 27-year-old author and race car driver, and his blog has generated nearly 300 million visits since 2006. He follows and is concerned with public rights defending events. On the Shanghai “Fishing” incident, Hangzhou “70 yards” incident, forced eviction incident and other events his clear and powerful writing has generated an enormous influence on public opinion. As a member of the post-80s generation, he lives authentically and freely, and demonstrates the energy of China’s youthful citizens and the hope of civil society in China.

In the public eyes for ten years, he is now a household name, and still young, he is called by his supporters “Young Master Han.” This nickname is flattering and lighthearted, saying that he has style and quality, and is not a boring person. Young Master Han is an author, the only National Champion of in both field and rally car race, is an idol, and owns a blog which has the highest traffic in the world. He is so famous, that people often forget how extraordinary it is that one person has all these different titles. But Young Master Han became the Han Han that is now widely respected after he started a blog, and began writing social commentary which resonates with our time. His self-styled commentaries caused controversy, but were also widely popular. One day, even the most conservative people started to realize that this young man was not full of nonsense. Behind the 300 million clicks on his blog posts was a fresh humanist radiating the wave of freedom.

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