They only know the word "Bank"

13 07 2010

Funny Ad – Oh No!

3 07 2010

Excellent Ad

6 11 2009

This is a great advertisement. No need to say any word. Everyone who has a driving license will understand it immediately.

Please fasten your seat belt when driving.

Touching advertisement from Thailand – You can shine

6 11 2009

This 4 minute commercial tells the story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds.

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Paid Links Still Evil To Google

3 12 2007

Google continues to beat the drum about passing PageRank through paid links as Matt Cutts weighed in on the topic with another request that webmasters use the ‘nofollow’ attribute for them. Paid Links Still Evil To Google Though plenty of places in the Northern Hemisphere shiver in chilly temperatures, webmasters will continue radiating heat after the latest double-barreled barrage from Google’s loquacious engineer. Paid links have a long history of annoying Google due to the way they can affect organic rankings.

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Paid Links Still Evil To Google