SiteGround Product Categories Tutorial

20 04 2011

Learn how to add product categories to your store in Magento Commerce with SiteGround Product Categories Tutorial. Click here to watch this video in .swf format For more web hosting video tutorials visit For more web hosting video tutorials visit Hosting and Domains since 2000. Cpanel backup, why is it important? One of the most essential and important things for Sys Admin is to back up the system they work for, not only maintain but also create a back up if something bad happens and restore it as soon as possible. We can imagine, what would it be if a system running without a back up and what would happen if the system are created for a customer for certain company. System error or system glitch can happen anytime and without back up, your important and valuables data will be lost and it could take a great impact if you running your business depending on that data. The things that must be taken care in details are backup, storage, and restoration. Storage covers what kind media that you use to back up, you will need to have it stored in a different place or location. In this case, if you are using Cpanel, you can do your backup using Cpanel administrative interface for the web hosting control panel, cPanel will let you backup your entire hosted site, your databases, or your home directory To conduct a backup, it is simple, all you will need to do is just access the backup control panel and choose the the type of backup from there, then the system will start the backup and downloads the file to your local system. Later if you wish to backup, it can be restored through the same interface. Most of people would ignore these things and when the bad things occurs then they can only
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20 04 2011

they are useless don’t trust them they use bait n switch technology

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