Google Algorithm update.. where?

20 04 2011

Amid much excitement we all eagerly anticipated last week’s algorithm change announcement. Nothing much seems to have happened though. There are some lessons we can learn by looking at who the change was targeted at.




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20 04 2011

Whilst there maybe a lot of noise with ehow, if they are the most relevant for a given search then I can see why Google would rank them high. One of the reasons I’m sure, that Google encourages good SEO is so that it can find & understand relevant content. There maybe a lot more relevant content out there than what ehow dishes up but if Google can’t find it or understand it’s relevanceit wont rank it.

20 04 2011

Personally, I have never seen any decent content from eHow or even a reasonable Youtube vid from them. It boggles my mind that ehow wasn’t even touched by Googles latest change. Now, I’m sure that among all the garbage they serve out, there might be some jewels, but that’s no reason for them to rank as high as they do.

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