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19 04 2011

Google Tech Talk April 29, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by Kathryn Ullrich. Given the market shifts that come from uncertain economc times, what can you do to prepare yourself to take advantage of resulting new opportunities within your current company or elsewhere? How can you make yourself more attractive for promotion where you currently are? In this program, Kathryn Ullrich, the co-founder of PANW (the predecessor to Tech Women), provides strategies for you to take responsibility for your own career development. Drawing on moderating five years of career development panels at Stanford GSB and UCLA Anderson, Kathy will share what’s she’s learned from hearing women from technology companies such as Adobe, Cisco, eBay, Ericsson, Oracle, and Symantec talk about their experiences in reaching executive (VP and C-level) positions or starting their own firms. You will learn their insights as presented in the soon-to-be released book, Getting to the Top, on using a career strategy as a guide to success, understanding career paths to better position yourself, and learning essential leadership skills for advancement. Then wrap this up into the first steps of a career action plan geared toward unique challenges of womens career development. Kathryn Ullrich is a dynamic business professional with a passion for helping people with career advancement. She leads alumni career services at UCLA Anderson School of Management and the Getting to the Top career development programs at Stanford




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19 04 2011

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19 04 2011

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