Pixel Waltz – Short Version – AUT Digital Design Year 1 Project – Pictorial Studies

19 04 2011

Hardcore gamers trying to break social barrier through taking dance lessons in real life for their Graduation Ball.
Video Rating: 4 / 5




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19 04 2011


hahaha thanks Kio ❤

Yesh Skill bars I drew and animated them all!! xDD and if you haven't yet noticed; Skyleta (the gunner) has her skill icons referenced from MMs from FW XDDDD

And nah, we ain't real masters though we 'mastered' it abit at the end of the film. Though me and Robynne (skyleta) are dancers irl ;3

19 04 2011

Aaaah that was so awesome~ *-*
Yay for google xDD

Skill bar… I just noticed… xD Great details ;3
I assume you guys are masters at dancing now…? xD

19 04 2011

you like the CGs? x3 I made and animated and drew them all xDDDD

and lawl at geeks 😛

19 04 2011

*claps* Bravo. I really liked it!And lol at the end “Say geeks” – “Geeks!” xD

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