Get Web Hosting for a New Domain – Part 1

19 04 2011

After getting a new domain, set up free web hosting so you can start publishing your web page.
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19 04 2011

Check out Free Web Hosting with Cpanel @

19 04 2011

Web Hosting and Online Marketing Services
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19 04 2011

Hi there I have a problem I registered for a new domain on google apps and obviously I need to update the name server but I am not able to .
Enom says it can’t recognize my site and I am in a fix
It seems that I have no registrar for the domain pls help on how I could update the name servers
The control panel says my domain is not active and the payment needs to be verified but I’ve got a bill of ten dollars
Mine does not show advanced dns settings

19 04 2011

Thank you SO much! I’m so glad I came across your videos! I was so confused before I watched them. +5

19 04 2011

I found these to be the best
If you search on google, you can usually get a coupon, that will give you the first month free.

19 04 2011

ya, take a look, cheap webhosting Tinyurl(DOT)com/ybochbk

19 04 2011

Thanks, was looking for a nice site. I use ripway and awardspace but don’t like ’em that much.

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