Computer Networking & Hardware : Best Laptop for a College Student

19 04 2011

The best laptop for a college student is designed to fulfill the student’s needs, whether that mean having a high-quality video card for gaming, large memory for school work or durability for travel. Find a great laptop fit for a student with tips from a systems administrator in this free video on computers. Expert: Jonathan Hill Bio: Jonathan Hill works as a senior systems administrator for a large Web hosting company. He has achieved MCSA/MCSE credentials, among other industry certifications. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge



9 responses

19 04 2011

omg thank you! you honestly helped me the most!

19 04 2011

Asus rulz!

19 04 2011

Great video, thanks. I’ll add it to my channel

19 04 2011

@G3Technics Toshibas are kinda bad, I had like 3 and they don’t last very long, I would say get a mac.

19 04 2011

great video, it adds direction and an agenda to the laptop search.

19 04 2011

i would like to know a few prices for cpu’s and memory and vga

20 04 2011

If you want a laptop you can drop and abuse get a Toshiba.

20 04 2011

Your voice puts me to sleep >>

20 04 2011

im getting the sony vaio ns silver and they are great

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