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18 04 2011

Hey everybody I am back again! Thanks for all the support, that is the reason I am doing these tutorials again! I had to get life stuff squared away but I am back and hopefully going to continue helping when I can! I enlisted in the ARMY to help pay off some of my student loans so you can understand the amount of stuff I had to get taken care of. Keep subscribing and suggesting tutorials, I’ll do my best to touch base on those suggestions when I have time. Here’s the list of tools, all of which are free. Many of these require Firefox, if you aren’t using this browser you aren’t doing a good job in Web Design already! ALL OF THESE ARE FREE DOWNLOADS. SO START WORKING EFFICIENTLY. 1. FireFox 2. Web Developer Plugin 3. FireBug 4. FIreFTP 5. YSlow 6. DIMDIM.com 7. Skype 8. ColorZilla 9. Fangs 10. Abduction

Watch in high res: http://www.youtube.com Bill Scott shares six design patterns that are critical for creating effective web interfaces, focusing specifically on interaction design on the web. This presentation is a distillation of principles, patterns, and best practices for creating a rich experience unique to the web.
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18 04 2011

nice, but crappy rendering

18 04 2011

ND, your tips have been a huge help, so much in your vids. whew…I’m a pro graphic designer for 25 odd years who’s neglected his web-building skills, it’s never to late as they say…..I’m also ex-army, it ain’t all that bad, best years of your life and all that…just keep your head down, not that I ever did!

18 04 2011

Hey Guy
Just have to say… Excellllllllllllent Videos. Hope you do more vids, as your talent is lost to the army. I am trying to launch my own website and find your videos AWESOMELY HELPFUL!!!

18 04 2011

Hooah Im in the Army too!

18 04 2011

great tips for web developers. Question for you. I have a website that was developed for me and is on the last stages.Yaaaah. It is a very custom website using html, php and css. It also uses wordpress. I would like to learn how to make changes forthe fture, lke change out and image or add more text . I am a little lost on making changes to the site because of all the custom items. do you have any suggestions??

18 04 2011

Great tips as usual, thank you and good luck in military.

18 04 2011

good luck in the camp~

18 04 2011

Can you post tutorials about other programming languages and some more advanced web design your tutorials are great!

18 04 2011

Great stuff!

18 04 2011

Great attitude!

18 04 2011

Good for U 4 serving your country! ha

19 04 2011

cheers buddy

19 04 2011

Glad ur back.

Great topic, I will surely get some of these things.

19 04 2011

Hey Mark, great to have you back. Been looking out for more from you.
Love your video style so please do keep doing more and good luck for the army! Brave man! 🙂

19 04 2011

great video

19 04 2011

good luck in the army :]

19 04 2011

woot first veiw cool though

19 04 2011

Very helpful!

19 04 2011

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19 04 2011

Very helpful video!
Thank you so very much :). I purchased this eBook on my iPhone as well.

19 04 2011

the video didnt load.

19 04 2011

this sucks

19 04 2011

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19 04 2011

you don’t really expect people to understand a word of what is said here? nice content, alas not very usable 🙂

19 04 2011

cool video ^_^

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