Software Tips & Lessons : How to View Microsoft Access Relationships With the Relationship Builder

18 04 2011

The Relationship Builder feature of Microsoft Access allows users to create and access relationships by clicking and dragging over the ID field. Find out how to use the Microsoft Access relationship builder withtips from a software developer in this free video about computer technology. Expert: Dave Andrews Contact: Bio: Dave Andrews is a software developer with a business and Web site selling programs and other computer services in Franklin, Tenn. Filmmaker: Tim Brown

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18 04 2011

Nice Nice Video. I really loved your video. Youtube can be a great asset for you. If you need any help getting your video exposed, check out this site called tubeviews [dot net] It has really done wonders for me, I have built 3 Channels up with videos at top in position and this is my forth channel i’m going to working on.

I really Loved Your Channel!

18 04 2011

Personally, I think it’s too bad that you stopped just short of showing the effect of the relationship you created. Also, it would have been nice to have everything in focus. Apart from that, I like your technique.

18 04 2011

Thanks you so much!
you’re helping me a lot!
The way u talk helps a lot too ^_^
you help me with homeworks ^.^

18 04 2011

I started designing my 1st web page 2 weeks ago using youtube videos as a major part of my tutorials. During which I have watched HOURS worth of (DO this and DO that), and at least for me, most of the time it doesnt always work. However, as this author stated; sometimes NVU has quirks! Thanks for putting the simple and sometimes complicated (for a beginner) in layman’s terms. I have built 50-60 pages wondering why it worked a minute ago and now it doesn’t! These videos give me hope.Thanx again!

18 04 2011

Excellent! Using the simple instructions in the 4 video lessons I built a website and very quickly. Thank you very much Mr Rosenthall. Lovely voice too – makes for easy listening.

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