Kushboi21 On New Years

18 04 2011

Listen2Rap.com’s Webmaster was training for a fight against someone…

http://www.myosource.com Coach T shows variations of the Spladle. Coach T trains all his wrestlers with the Kinetic Bands for Core strength leg strength power explosion speed quickness wade schalles quads hams glutes abs hips and hip flexor conditioning stamina spladel wrestle wrestler cradle spladle wrestling how to dpladle wrestling spladle hot to do a spladle youth wrestling High school wrestling cradle how to spladle wrestling college wrestling myosource kinetic bands resistance bands
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7 responses

18 04 2011

why can’t you figure four or scissor your legs?

18 04 2011

i alwas shot and i went 21-4

18 04 2011

@joeljcc i never shot and i went 11-0 and won confrence

18 04 2011

I think he coaches for garinger

18 04 2011

@mysecretaddiction if he is good at spladle than win with it to he should continue that as well as tackim a shot but i didnt shoot in all my matches and went 5 and 9 my first year

18 04 2011

the spladles a fun move but its not the only one out there…. for a beginner to use that 21 times seems like a bit much. He should try learning some basics like taking a shot or pinning with a cradle or half nelson as well.

18 04 2011


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