How To Blog: Video 5 – How To Upload Files To Your Webhost

18 04 2011 In this video, you’ll discover how to upload files to your own website or blog using FTP… blog blogs blog templates what is a blog amateur blogs free blogs blog search blog software free blog video blog video blogs how to blog free blog templates make a blog free…




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19 04 2011

Good vid but too long

19 04 2011

Nice vide, thanks!!!!!A good place, I have been using WiiJii COM and it gives free 1gb , unlimited bandwidth , plus they have programmers and graphic artists that help me with stuff. It’s all for free and has no ads. worked great for me since they opened , which was just today. Check it out maybe you will find a use for it, I did

19 04 2011

How do I get the e-mail with the host number?

19 04 2011


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