Hip Hop Tutorial Day 1 Pt 1: Making a Hip Hop Beat [7 Day Song]

18 04 2011

http://www.boyinaband.com – head over to my website to see the text version of the tutorial, grab some samples and check out my other blogs and tutorials! And http for the forum (Shocking, right?) In Day 1 I’ll be teaching you how to make a phat Hip Hop beat with techniques like using ReGroove to add swing, layering, EQing and compression to build a bouncy, driving basis to your track.
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18 04 2011

now i’m thinking seriously if i should stick with fl studio

18 04 2011

This whole tutorial was very good an informative. I’m going to watch the dubstep one now…

18 04 2011

so gay. “lets call it drumz. with a z, because we’re hip hop now” …. waker…..

18 04 2011

@ShikiTymish it’s Propellerheads Reason 😉

18 04 2011

Thanks bro you’re helping me a lot…

18 04 2011

Can Anyone be my personnel teacher over teamviewer? I know nothing about making beats over the computer and I really need to make some beats for my spits..

18 04 2011

Out of all things you forgot to tell us what program were you using?or i missed it =/
anyways,would be thankfull if you posted it here what are you using

19 04 2011

where did your website go>???

19 04 2011

Which programm you use? and is it free?

19 04 2011

holy shit eminem joke. Im sure most people that noticed it (very few) were offended haha

19 04 2011

got reason fired up .. and im following this tut ova here ( ova <– coz were hop hop now )

19 04 2011

@TheGemicore Yesir

19 04 2011

Dont use the drum machine.. if you wanna make a real beat use the instruments like 808 and claps and things like that

19 04 2011

what software is this?

19 04 2011

this software is REASON right ??

19 04 2011

BIAB! The answer to your questionnnn IS….
if you want to remove the samples from redrum and have a blank sample slot then you just right click on the sample slot (not on the buttons, on the slot itself) and scroll down until you see “remove sample” BINGO! you are set!

Took me awhile to find that out myself haha. Big Ups on the site, thanks for taking the time to help out the music community. Much appreciated!

19 04 2011

HEY im having a problem when the redrum is in the combinator and i copy note to track, it creats a redrum outside the combinnator and not inside the combinator on a note lane, any advice on what im doing wrong?

19 04 2011

I’ve just sampled your ‘hip hop’ you say it so funny!

19 04 2011

Hey Dave, I have watched this tutorial before and didn’t notice but when your adding your snare hits, you decide to add an extra hit on note 32 @ 5:00. However you didn’t increase the range from 16 to 32.
Lol I was doing the TUT again, and listening for that last ‘bouncy drop’ and wondering where it was haha. You taught me well enough to pick that it was missing but.
Once again top job! I think you should keep going with your tutorials, they are the best on YOUTUBE!!!

19 04 2011

im challenging those who claims to be music tutors, to start doing the real mixing and mastering, to drop legit knowledge about this gig.all i have seen is pre mixed and mastered material, where music nerd’s are just showing you knobs.it doesn’t matter what kind of music,and what kind of software you use.make sure its a full track,with vocals!then make an epic life on youtube, do not pre-mix/master & then show us the results,we want to see you obtain those results, and talk through the vid.

19 04 2011

5 people listen to Justin Beiber

19 04 2011

some lame hiphop:)
sorry dude

19 04 2011

This is hella informative AND funny. I like that you know the difference in genre’s of hip hop since those without that knowledge could easily create a beat for any sub genre and just label it a ‘standard’ hip hop beat. There’s a feeling to the music, an art, despite what mainstream radio would have you believe. Thanks for this great series.

19 04 2011

haha @ 6:59

19 04 2011

youtube (dot) com/bDIFFISKI91

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