Google Ranking SEO, GoogleBot Crawls, Bing Updates & Yahoo Dies

18 04 2011 – In this week’s recap, I cover how top rankings in Google sends less traffic these days. I go over a possible new Google ranking algorithm tweak from two days ago. Maile Ohye is quotes on the May Day algorithm update. I gave a tip on how to increase your chances of your pages showing up in Rich Snippets. Also, I gave a tip on fixing your post counts in Google. GoogleBot is back to crawling, but are they now crawling too much – WordPress thinks so. A Google bug prevented me from clicking on the second search result. Google warned against using the noscript tag. Bing did a major UI update, adding more entrainment, medical and iPhone features. Google News continues getting spammed. Yahoo can’t handle 404s anymore. Hitwise came out with search market share reports. It was not just Father’s Day this Sunday, but Monday was the first day of Summer or Winter – we got the logos, themes and doodles from the search engines. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. [00:35] More Reports of Google Referrals Down Despite Top Rankings : [01:40] Another Google MayDay Tweak, June 23/24th? : [02:50] Google’s Maile Ohye On The MayDay Update : [04:40] Want Google To Show Your Rich Snippets? Here Is How : [06:20] Wrong Post & Author Information In Google Snippets? Tell Google : [07:40] GoogleBot Back In Business, Crawling & Crawling : http://www.seroundtable According to wikipedia Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification. The word finds its roots in the Greek τάξις, taxis (meaning ‘order’ or ‘arrangement’) and νόμος, nomos (meaning ‘law’ or ‘science’). Taxonomy uses taxonomic units, known as taxa (singular taxon). Taxonomy uses taxonomic units, known as taxa (singular taxon). In addition, the word is also used as a count noun a taxonomy, or taxonomic scheme, is a particular classification (“the taxonomy of …”), arranged in a hierarchical structure. Typically this is organized by supertype-subtype relationships, also called generalization-specialization relationships, or less formally, parent-child relationships. In such an inheritance relationship, the subtype by definition has the same properties, behaviors, and constraints as the supertype plus one or more additional properties, behaviors, or constraints. For example: car is a subtype of vehicle, so any car is also a vehicle, but not every vehicle is a car. Drupal incorporates taxonomy into almost every core module available. Another way to think about taxonomy is to think of it as a category. A good example of Drupal’s Taxonomy is to think of a clothing store. The store will be organized into categories. Pants, shirts, and socks. Each of these are considered a term in taxonomy. To be more precise, taxonomy is the module. Vocabulary is your folder that stores your terms. So you might have a “Clothes” (vocabulary) with terms of Pants
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18 04 2011

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18 04 2011

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