Google GPals Day for Entrepreneurs – Introduction

18 04 2011

Google GPals Day for Entrepreneurs was a training held in Ramallah on March 25, 2009 which focused on Google product demonstrations for small or medium sized businesses to help spur innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. Google discussed how to create Arabic content using online tools (Blogger, Knol, Ta3reeb – Google’s transliteration tool), how to market them, how to monetize websites and applications (AdWords, Adsense, and Google Apps), and we finished by presenting cool innovative applications from around the globe and discussed business models to spur ideas in the region. See more info here:
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18 04 2011

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18 04 2011

Great days,,, thanks 4 google and 4 Picti

18 04 2011

Great Video!

18 04 2011

Cool Video Clyde! 5 Stars for Sure!
-Scott OBrien

18 04 2011

Clyde – Great Video!

But, more importantly, great that you guys are helping so many people and changing so many lives!

Your TEAM is the REAL deal.

God bless —

Bill Connelly
aka: CashFlowDude

18 04 2011

Great video, I like that you can help me fine tune the process to success by helping me to adapt and embrass the unknown, unfamiliar & do the uncomfortable to be successful, keeping me from making the same mistakes most make by not receiving help.
we can remain stuck – believeing our current perceptions which are based on our interpretations of what we have done, not what is possible.
Thanks a lot Clyde.., I have learn a lot from you…Deborah

18 04 2011

You the man Clyde. The man with the plan. Forget the rest you are the best.

18 04 2011

That Purple Cowboys knows what he’s talking about. I like this video =) I’m a Clyde Batton Groupie

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