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18 04 2011 If your mail server has been blacklisted, email you send may not be delivered. Email blacklists (ealtime blacklist, DNSBL or RBL) are a common and easy way of reducing spam. “Blacklists help keep away spam and unsolicited email by giving mail providers a list of bad email senders in which they can then simply automatically block and keep away from in-boxes and or email servers. The main CON for using blacklists is that sometimes legitimate email providers can get on a blacklist. There is no formal governance for monitoring what blacklist publish. Tools to check if your IP space is on a blacklist: (PAID) | (FREE) Some blacklists are more important not to be on than others, here are ones you should pay attention to: MAPS | URIBL | SURBL | SpamHaus | Spamcop | CBL | BARRACUDA | UCEPROTEC | INVALUEMENT Things to do to AVOID getting on a blacklist: Not using a confirmed opt-in, Using a hosting provider known for sending bulk email, Ignoring unsubscribes, Blindly running an email marketing server, and last but not least : Buying an e-mail list, Companies who can help you not get on a blacklist:,, Companies that can help monitor reputation: (FREE)
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18 04 2011

Hire a professional vidiographer, please, your video skills stink. And start with closed-loop opt-in. NEVER buy lists. Other than that you did have some good information.

18 04 2011


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18 04 2011

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