EDC (East Durham College) Childcare, Education, Health & Social Care courses video

18 04 2011

If you would like to find out more about Childcare, Education, Health & Social Care courses at East Durham College, head to our website: http://www.eastdurham.ac.uk The Childcare department offers an extensive range of courses, from Entry Level up to a Foundation Degree in Education and Care. This provision corresponds extremely well to the curriculum map for the children and young people’s (Care and Education) workforce. Transcript for the video is below: [music] JAN: My name is Jan Grinstead and I’m the Care Curriculum Leader. On a day-to-day basis they learn about the whole of the care sector. All students will learn about student growth and development, about people’s care needs, children’s care needs, professionalism, working on a day-to-day basis within care with a client group. THOMAS: My name’s Thomas Athen and I’m doing CACHE level 3 Childcare and Education. MARIE: My name is Marie Orvan and I’m on CACHE Level 3 diploma for Childcare and Education. THOMAS: The facilities are good. We have lots of creative materials which is paper, pens, whiteboard pens, which we can use whenever we need them. MARIE: There’s good computer suites and there’s interactive whiteboards. THOMAS: The lecturers are really supportive. You can approach them with any issues you have whether they’re to do with the course or your home life. MARIE: In our lessons we use a range of practical activities and a lot of group activities. THOMAS : In November we’re doing Children In Need where everyone’s




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