Data Privacy – Norway – "Personvern" som konkurransefordel for Norske IT bedrifter

18 04 2011 Data Privacy – Norway is a campaign by the Norwegian IT industry to promote Norway as a safe haven for data privacy and digital consumer rights. Norway has independent strong data privacy laws that Data Privacy – Norway wants to develop as a competitive advantage for the Norwegian IT industry as a whole. Hosting providers and application providers based in Norway have a competitive advantage towards their equals in California as Norway has a stronger framework for data privacy and digital consumer rights. We want to focus on this and strengthen this advantage. In USA and California large companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft can legally do theoretically whatever they want with your data. The government of the USA can and does build profiles on every human being on the planet through programs like Echelon. In Norway on the other hand your privacy and your data is legaly protected by a culture for consumer rights and a number of strong institutions. The word “ombudsman” is originally a Norwegian word. The concept of an ombudsman is very familiar to any Norwegian. In Norway there is a strong tradition for the rights of consumers and for data privacy. in fact – we believe the concept of data privacy and digital consumer rights is stronger in Norway than in any other culture world wide, and we want to turn this into a competitive advantage for the Norwegian IT industry. Norway has a strong independent institutional




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18 04 2011

Interessant video, men det er vel bare et spørsmål om tid før datalagringsdirektivet (og EU) kommer til Norge også, vi beveger oss stadig i en mer fascistisk rettning og det er dessverre lite som tyder på at det vil snu med det første. Hva hvis du begynner å utnytte denne fordelen og plutselig blir datalagringsdirektivet innført? Det vil vel ødelegge mye for bedriften din?

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