Andreas from in Hollywood – Part 6/7

18 04 2011

Xenu TV clip reposted from from the following link for use on my blog in a playlist: Andreas Heldal-Lund, webmaster for the most important internet site critical of Scientology ( visits the Los Angeles headquarters of Scientology. Andreas is grilled by the webmaster of a scilon owned site which smears critics of Scientology and is used by the cult exclusively as their favorite Black PR engine. This raw footage features their exchange on L. Ron Hubbard Way where Andreas effectively highlights all the cult’s closeminded hatred, nazi-like mentality, biggoted predjudices as well as their well honed training to always attack never defend for fear their crimes & scams & lies get exposed for the world to laugh at. Once upon a time these evil tactics used to work, but thanks to Anonymous all they do is prove without a doubt how corrupt and malignant this totalitarian organization really is. http http
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Google GPals Day for Entrepreneurs was a training held in Ramallah on March 25, 2009 which focused on Google product demonstrations for small or medium sized businesses to help spur innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. Google discussed how to create Arabic content using online tools (Blogger, Knol, Ta3reeb – Google’s transliteration tool), how to market them, how to monetize websites and applications (AdWords, Adsense, and Google Apps), and we finished by presenting cool innovative applications from around the globe and discussed business models to spur ideas in the region. See more info here:
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18 04 2011

This is the first time I have seen Andreus talk (heard). I like him.

I wish the videos didn’t cut out in mid sentence all the time though 🙂

18 04 2011

your welcome – i just found a nice stash of missing bunker stuff in google and just had to have this. but one more clip coming – i buggered that last/best little bit 😦

18 04 2011

Thanks for taking the time to put these up. Not sure if these have been available since Bunker’s page was taken off the tubes.

The more people that see these the better. Andreas makes his points in logical and powerful ways.

18 04 2011

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18 04 2011

Thank you Husni, we made it in Gaza and saw this valuable presentation

18 04 2011

Cool 🙂 I liked the bilingualism in Husni’s Presentation

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