Using cpanel to upload your website part 3

17 04 2011

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17 04 2011

dnt like it

17 04 2011

I have to say thank you very much for sharing your knowledge on this subject.
The crazy thing is, I am learning web design at my local TAFE and this section was not explained in any detail.We learnt how to design a page using HTML, Java scrript, CSS etc and all about validation and accessibility. Then we were told to get a FTP program and put our site on the web. Thats it.
Without this video i would be stuffed. So thanks again. You should think about becoming a teacher.

17 04 2011

my website isnt comin out right

17 04 2011

Very clear and to the point tutorial.
Thanks a lot.

17 04 2011

It’s well worth the time investment to learn these skills, hang in there MelaMan and keep up the good work learning as much as you can!

17 04 2011

I feel ya on the time it took to learn this stuff! I’m STILL learning! It is confusing to say the least!

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