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17 04 2011

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The Center offers a variety of classes in Gongfu and Taiji for athletes of all ages and athletic abilities–from the novice to the seasoned international competitor. Training is available in many styles of open-hand and weapons traditions, including northern and southern fist, staff, broadsword, straight sword, 9-section chain-whip, mimetic animal styles such as praying mantis, snake and eagle, and the health-enhancing arts of taiji and qigong. The Shaolin Wushu Center also has an international exchange program with the Zhejiang Province Wushu Team that gives our students the opportunity to visit and train in China. Site: Mailing Address: Shaolin Wushu Center 1735 Ellington Road Bldg #15 South Windsor, CT 06074 USA (860) 648-2788 Shaolin Wushu Center, LA 2901 Ocean Park Boulevard Bldg #212 Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA (310) 253-9006 Email Addresses: School: Webmaster: *I do not own this video*
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17 04 2011

im might go there it looks great!

17 04 2011

This is good. When I was growing up in South Windsor, our only option was Paul Arel!

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