Andreas from in Hollywood – Part 2/7

17 04 2011

Xenu TV clip reposted from from the following link for use on my blog in a playlist: Andreas Heldal-Lund, webmaster for the most important internet site critical of Scientology ( visits the Los Angeles headquarters of Scientology. Andreas is grilled by the webmaster of a scilon owned site which smears critics of Scientology and is used by the cult exclusively as their favorite Black PR engine. This raw footage features their exchange on L. Ron Hubbard Way where Andreas effectively highlights all the cult’s closeminded hatred, nazi-like mentality, biggoted predjudices as well as their well honed training to always attack never defend for fear their crimes & scams & lies get exposed for the world to laugh at. Once upon a time these evil tactics used to work, but thanks to Anonymous all they do is prove without a doubt how corrupt and malignant this totalitarian organization really is. http http
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17 04 2011

fuck you scientology from Ireland

17 04 2011

very interesting explanation of ‘respecting free speech IF’ from the scilon..he doesn’t even bat an eye in realization that his statement was preposterous!

17 04 2011

That guy is one of the founding fathers of the Enturbulations,

Andreas Heldal-Lund. I’m so glad this is up on Youtube!

The Cult implodes in real-time. Watch it on Youtube!

17 04 2011

your welcome… i seemed to have found a cache of missing XenuTV stuff on google that this came from, and hope to splice & load moar this weekend.

17 04 2011

truly fascinating discussion.
thanks for posting this!

17 04 2011

this discussion it GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m glad we have such well informed guys at the front.
Long live XENU

17 04 2011

…and Tory rips the Scilon a new one, lol!!

Jackass Scilon is a jackass 🙂

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