PHP – MySQL – Flex 3 Client-Server Application

16 04 2011

This tutorial demonstrates how to create what is called a complete client-server web application which consist of a Web Application, PHP, and MySQL. The tutorial shows how to automatically generate the Php necessary to talk to a MySQL data base. Note: I named the Flex MXML application PHP4. This is just the name of the application not the version of PHP that we are running (which is Php 5) – dumb name choice on my part. Should have called it MyPHPApp. It was created by Mike Lively at Northern Kentucky University.




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16 04 2011

Great tutorial! PHP MySQL frameworks such as can also be helpful

16 04 2011

Hi! Great video! Thank you so much! It looks too easy to be true.
Did you use Flex Standard or Premium Edition? Thanks in advance for your answer.

16 04 2011

wow that is magic!!

16 04 2011

Isnt it best if u give us the codes so we dont have to type everything
just change stuff u want to keep it for you but can u give us the codes?

16 04 2011

Learning PHP is easy, following the changes is tough

16 04 2011

:S i need sa some sample codes can you help?

16 04 2011

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16 04 2011


16 04 2011

awesome! as earlier commenters stated, if you get an 1088 error, run PhP 5.2.9 instead (select via wamp>php>versions)

16 04 2011

i have tried this but it says connection error 1088…………..can some body help

17 04 2011

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17 04 2011

Nice video, but how does it work to map fields with other types that Text, Number or Date. i.e. How foreign keys are managed in flex builder 3 when using php.

Thanks !

17 04 2011

it looks like Camtasia.

17 04 2011

Hola. show error# 1088 when run my proyect

“Error # 1088: el marcado del documento que sigue al elemento raíz debe estar bien formado”

seguí todos tus pasos (step by step) but nothing.
please helpme

17 04 2011

Yes I would like to have you as a teacher, I love your enthusiasm !

And I confirm, you MUST NOT use php version above 5.2.11, it will not work from 5.3 !

17 04 2011

that’s exactly what I needed 0_0 thanks for the clear explanation !

17 04 2011

Man, that was awesome!!! God, I wish I had this back when I was working in a security company back in the days…

17 04 2011


I am encountering the same problem I have tied solution from many blogs but didn’t find the solution. Please help.

17 04 2011

Good Work, Thanks
Muchas gracias, gran trabajo

17 04 2011


Okay, I find that it works in my website server but not locally

17 04 2011

hey, I like your tutorial but I have a question. I follow your process to the letter and when I run it at the point you run it, I get Error #1088 and cannot get past that

17 04 2011

Thanks for the awesome video! Dude, wats the recording software you are using for this, I kinda like the auto zoom in and out. Also, my recording seems to have a lot of static when recording, more like a buzz noise at the background, any suggestions?

Thanks for the share!

17 04 2011

Great tutorial. Thank you so much!!! Keep up the good work.

17 04 2011

Hi. Tanxs for the tuts. really helpful. am new to flex.

17 04 2011

I think that is absolutely lazy. x]

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