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16 04 2011 MARKETING F5 Bulk Email Autoresponders VideoPromote your company solution Implement automated follow-ups Send email marketing invitations Create video training campaigns The Email Marketing Company Email Marketing Solution, Bulk Email Marketing MarketingF5 email marketing solution enables you to easily create, target, send, and track profitable email campaigns and autoresponders. In addition, you can easily add any video to your campaigns to better communicate your message. Our platform provides an elegant AJAX web interface so you get the robust experience of desktop software without the hassles. Ideal for sending company newsletters, video training, and much more… MarketingF5 is a complete email marketing and video email marketing solution which allows you to send HTML email newsletters, video email campaigns, manage subscribers, track the status of your email campaigns and much more. Simply click Subscribe and you’re ready to start creating and sending your email campaigns and autoresponders, with or without video. We take care of everything for you – from hosting your email marketing company campaigns and videos to making sure your emails get delivered. Superior Investment MarketingF5 is priced based on the number of total subscribers you have each month, across all of your mailing lists. You can send an unlimited number of emails each month to your subscribers. Click on pricing to learn more. If you have any questions please contact us. All
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16 04 2011

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16 04 2011

Thanks, some great tips and an interesting video.
Although, at the moment I’m using the Mail Mascot to manage my email marketing as I find it much easier/faster. Definitely works well with the tips outlined in this video.

If you want to take a look it’s at MailMascot(dot)com
Ha, stupid YouTube not letting me post links. ^


16 04 2011

The last video was difficult to concentrate because of the background music, same here

16 04 2011

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Cole Thomas

16 04 2011

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thanks for the info

16 04 2011

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