Kevin Sanders – 05-09-90 Original air date

16 04 2011

Kevin Sanders – 05-09-90 Original air date Kevin Sanders Kevin has spent his professional life in international broadcasting and journalism reporting in TV, radio, newspapers and magazines on politics, culture, science and finance. As Fox TV News commentator he presents progressive perspectives on world affairs. As anchor and founding parliamentary bureau chief of the Nine TV Network in Australia, Sanders was described by the country’s leading political commentator, Alan Reid as “One of the few journalists who can recognize instantly the true political dynamics of any situation, whether it be a Georgetown cocktail party or an African Kraal.” His hosting of the live CNN coverage of the NASA shuttle missions won the Space Club Press Award, an honor shared over the years by Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. Sanders’ CNN reports on alternative energy sources won the National Engineers’ Award for Broadcasting Excellence. A later series of articles he wrote on the subject for Science Digest – including the first report on a new energy producing metal, Nitinol – were translated and republished by Japan Times in their annual selection of the world’s best science reports. His widely republished 1990 article “A Beginner’s Guide to the BNL-BCCI Bank Scandal” was chosen by Project Censored as one of the top twenty stories of the year. It was later selected by Utne Reader Magazine as one of the top ten stories of the past ten years. Sanders’ cover story for Whole Earth Review
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