How to Get Top Google Local Search Results – Part 2

16 04 2011 – this is the step by step continued on from part 1 in getting top Google local search results Netrospect Web Hosting PO BOX 3058, Tarragindi QLD 4121 1300 799 085
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IIS (Internet Information Services) is Microsoft’s way of hosting web pages. you can use it to host intranet or internet websites. However due to licensing restrictions these should not be heavy traffic sites. Microsoft limits the connections allowed. IIS is available on… Vista Ultimate, Business, and Enterprise XP Pro and Media Center Edition. 2000 Pro NT Server 2000, 2003, and 2008 (your results may vary) Providing training videos since last Tuesday. Thanks for watching.




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16 04 2011

Thanks for sharing. It’s very useful.

16 04 2011

netrospect: google locations has changed slightly since the release of this video. it has been very helpful! do you have any updated info on google places, or do the same basic rules apply? Thanks again!

16 04 2011

informative video. I would like if there was more information as to how to get to the TOP of the list, and how to influence that….

16 04 2011

Thanks for the comments everyone

16 04 2011

Hey man
That’s so random, I had been doing research on this for the past few months and recognised yr voice when I found this (the top ranked video).

Great content and easy to understand tutorial by the way.


16 04 2011

Thank you very much. This has been a huge help.

17 04 2011

Thank you very much for these tips. I have been studying this process for months and your tips helped fill in a few gaps that I was missing.

17 04 2011

Thank you. Very good tips!

17 04 2011

@MeppCK thanks

17 04 2011

@madmatthew1 Do you mean a server? Becuse the modem, internet can’t handle it. I advise to buy a cheap server.

17 04 2011

can you make it so it goes on to the internet not on your pc?

17 04 2011

Wow. What a great help you’ve been! You’ve contributed to over 2K videos on YouTube which show how to install IIS!

Make something original.

17 04 2011

Great Tut me ❤ you!

17 04 2011


17 04 2011

5/5 *’s

17 04 2011

Yes, I am using Ultimate. It is very possible that there are features missing from your edition. I know that Home editions do not have all the file sharing options that the business versions do, and business versions do not have many of the versions that home users do. By looking at 1:37 of the video, it doesn’t look like I even installed it. You might consider a program called XAMPP if you do not require IIS.

17 04 2011

I am currently using IIS7 on Vista Home Premium. But there are some missing features like ftp and others.

17 04 2011

Good video, but that clicking noise is distracting.

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