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16 04 2011

Blue Light Labs 2008 year spotlight and office tour

The Latest Internet News from Weboptimiser Wikileaks has been courting controversy since 2008 and now the founder has been arrested and spent a night in jail. A politician suggested the Wikileaks founder Mr Assange should be assassinated, Amazon web services have stopped hosting site content, pay pal and Visa will not process payments, he has had a bank account closed and even has terminated web services to the domain. It is all since Wikileaks planned publication of 251287 leaked documents of which 15652 have been marked as secret. Wikileaks has been publishing comments and leaked documents alleging corporate misconduct. They have set out to demonstrate that there is a difference between what governments and business say compared to what they do. It appears that has come under massive cyber attacks that has led hosting companies deny service on the basis that the problems are likely to affect other clients. There appears to be some speculation that the cyber attacks have been government backed. It is still possible to access Wikileaks via it’s ip address although that too appears to be hosted by EveryDNS. Wikileaks founder Mr Assange said: “The Cable Gate archive has been spread, along with significant material from the US and other countries to over 100000 people in encrypted form. So it appears that come what may, no matter what happens to Mr Assange, the information is out there. Mr Assange called for criminal charges to be brought against




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16 04 2011

Be careful what you wish for. Freedom of speech “is” on the line.

16 04 2011

I was led to believe it had be shut down… Thank you for the information!

16 04 2011

Interesting video. Thank you for the information. I hope that the wikileaks website gets shut down forever.

16 04 2011

Ok…So here is the thing. The Wikileaks guy didn’t technically break the law, right? The information had to be accessable for him to find it…

16 04 2011

Interesting vid.

16 04 2011

I am very glad to learn exactly and straightforwardly what is going on with WikiLeaks! I know it’s been in the news, but was confused.

16 04 2011

Very informative. I haven’t followed the WikiLeaks story, so this is my first formal listen to the story.

16 04 2011

I didn’t know that! Cool!

16 04 2011

power to the people 🙂 just not too much

16 04 2011

nice vid, i really thought it was great

16 04 2011

All them leaks were to the Govs. advantage. They let those leaks out to get them selves out of trouble. If they hold them in they are too bound to get ruined. If they let them out they relieve some of that pressure, by bringing exposure to them and protection from what’s hounding them.

16 04 2011

Who is at fault? The source that printed the information or the source that “leaked” the information? Government officials should be looking for the culprit that let the information get into the hands of WikiLeaks. Had this been the Washington Post or the New York Times…pulitzer prizes would now be the topic of conversation.

16 04 2011

Our first amendment rights trump all. Sometimes the truth hurts. To quote the great Rep. Ron Paul ” Focus should be on our delusional foreign policy”

16 04 2011

Very interesting material indeed.

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