Andreas from in Hollywood – Part 1/7

16 04 2011

Xenu TV clip reposted from from the following link for use on my blog in a playlist: Andreas Heldal-Lund, webmaster for the most important internet site critical of Scientology ( visits the Los Angeles headquarters of Scientology. Andreas is grilled by the webmaster of a scilon owned site which smears critics of Scientology and is used by the cult exclusively as their favorite Black PR engine. This raw footage features their exchange on L. Ron Hubbard Way where Andreas effectively highlights all the cult’s closeminded hatred, nazi-like mentality, biggoted predjudices as well as their well honed training to always attack never defend for fear their crimes & scams & lies get exposed for the world to laugh at. Once upon a time these evil tactics used to work, but thanks to Anonymous all they do is prove without a doubt how corrupt and malignant this totalitarian organization really is. http http
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17 04 2011

Andreas Heldal-Lund, is there anything good about scientology? Study tech, being against drugs, auditing out engrams? You should be more nuanced. I welcome your defense of freedom of speech, but don’t forget that scientology do a lot of GOOD things.

17 04 2011

Xenu in the house!

17 04 2011

Interestingly, Joel Phillips says, “We may use some of it.”

As of 9/23/08 the photograph of Heldal-Lund on the “Religious Freedom Watch” website is of Heldal-Lund on this very day, with that sign leaning on his shoulder.

Joel Phillips describes Heldal-Lund as a “Hate-monger”. Does he seem hateful to you? He seems to have a broad and inclusive worldview, which includes tolerance of disagreeable opinions.

Go look at it for youyrself. Is Joel Phillips representing Heldal-Lund honestly?

17 04 2011

Malignant is a choice word. That’s spot-on.

Thanks, Andreas. You are not only a hero of the movement to expose the fraud, AND you are a free-speech hero. I want to be like you when I grow up.

17 04 2011

This was the first video on youtube I saw on scientology , this guy really got me curious and wanted to understand what he was saying. He is an amazing rep for the cause and a great inspiration.

17 04 2011

Andreas, you’re really good at this.

17 04 2011

the scilon video camera is about ten years old.
old tech.

17 04 2011

Can anyone explain why they are so interested in asking people “why Scientology and not some other issue”?? They must be turning that into something, but what?

17 04 2011

yeah but by the end of all 6 clips, Andreas reaps lots of total-class polite WIN over all, then magoo drives the scilon’s fav Black PR rat away with his tail between his legs!! Much ❤ to Andreas for all he's done & done so damn well!!!

17 04 2011

Very, very good argument.

17 04 2011

Andreas has helped SO many ppl out of the cult how dare this jerk question him about why he protests them. Geesuz.

17 04 2011

Andreas you are a pioneer and one of our heroes, we love you and Tory and Mark

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