This Week in Startups – Rahul Sonnad, Founder and CEO of Geodelic

15 04 2011

This week we have Rahul Sonnad, Founder and CEO of Geodelic ( For more information, show notes, and an upcoming schedule, go to Jason Calacanis hosts This Week in Startups 00:06:00 Ask Jason — Ken Kowal — eRoutingGuide ( — I am having trouble finding my target community (manufacturers), how do I find them? 00:19:30 Behind the Startup — is a new segment where we will follow Jason’s Angel investment in StorkBrokers ( and look into the initial process of investing, marketing, web design to launch. In this first segment we hear from Sterling Hawkins, StorkBrokers, Founder and Joey Tran of Fortis General Counsel (, where they discuss the initial Angel Investment. Key issues for Jason: Key Issues for Sterling: 00:49:00 The Interview with Rahul Sonnad, Founder and CEO of Geodelic (@Geodelic)
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15 04 2011

Can geodelic help me find a store in a mall better than the mall maps? (’cause that’d be great)

15 04 2011

loved the inside the start-up section of the show. great help to me.

15 04 2011

first watcher

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