Server Failover How Does Multiple Server Hosting Affect Your Websites Uptime

15 04 2011 Hosting of websites has become an increasingly popular business and it has become difficult to tell between a quality and inferior company, just from the looks of it. The pricing structures, core features and plans are almost the same with most hosting companies. In fact, opting a cheap hosting company is not a cost-effective method, especially in terms of long-term results. Reliability is one aspect hat comes into play here or else it could cost your website loss of sales as a result of downtime. The process of selecting a quality web hosting company therefore is like sifting for a needle from a haystack. One prominent aspect that cannot be overlooked however is the reliability of the hosting provider. In the web hosting industry, this reliability equates to redundancy. This ensures that if a problem exists at one point, there will be an alternative, which ensures continuity as seamlessly and transparently as possible. In order to address issues, most of the hosting providers employ redundant network connections. These comprise of high-speed pipes that route data from the server to your web browser. — Australian population is relatively small compared to US or European Union, and data centers are smaller too – which is why finding top quality web-hosting providers is not always easy. This video examines 7 most important things you must know when hosting your website in Australia.
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15 04 2011

dude u cudnt tell me what the haystack network is?

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