Dreamweaver Tutorial – 5 – Adding Hyperlinks

15 04 2011

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15 04 2011

tnx.! Yes You are A Professional!

15 04 2011

Thank you so much for this tutorial – I’ve been using Frontpage for so many years, but now it’s about high time to try out something that is a bit more up-to-date. I think I’ll go for Dreamweaver. You’re really doing a great job 🙂

15 04 2011

this is guy is the best.. of the best….

15 04 2011

I like tutorials from this guy because he is laid back and easy to understand. A lot of other tutorials are hosted by incredibly annoying people with annoying voices that make it difficult to learn anything.

15 04 2011

Thanks for taking the time for this series of vids-appreciations for helping people out!

15 04 2011

hello there, first of all, Brilliant work, a lovely attitude, very easy to follow – something many tutorials lack – so thanks a lot for that, second: At hte moment, i have a free template – yes? now, i have linked my navigation bar, using the “drag and drop arrow” to my target page, this works well, apart from, how do i get it, so that when one clicks on this link the link automatically highlights or bolds for example? to show the page you are on – if that makes sense?

sorry, long Q

16 04 2011

@Markonim Yea the first ones are very basic. Its meant for ppl that dont use Microsoft Word I guess.

16 04 2011

@serhad95 “mailto” (WithOut Quotation) then a colon followed by the email address you would like the user to contact. So the end result would look something like this;


16 04 2011

great video man I appreciated it.

16 04 2011

Damn i had to skip few tutorials since most of those stuff is obvious :/

16 04 2011

You are awesome.
Just awesome.
Do you copy that?
Just awesome..

16 04 2011

People like you help us for fee without expecting any payment, but maybe a subscription. Great job. Admirable cause.

16 04 2011

hey bucky, so kind of you, god bless people like you, talented and generous, your a hero!!

16 04 2011

@impulsive2urge yep its simple you open your legs and i hoof you in the crotch.

16 04 2011

@serhad95 mailto:emailaddress

16 04 2011

did he write mailtoc ? i cant see well lol can any1 tell me pls how to do it about email me

16 04 2011

I do it with a picure but i don’t want a blue lane around it

16 04 2011

hey bro sick vids…your teaching everyone here a lot. Maybe you could also teach them how to spell?

16 04 2011

thanks for this! Great for those of us who are new to the software! Cheers buddy!

16 04 2011

No point going to College anymore.

16 04 2011

Man these Tutorials are awsome!!! you really make this topic very easy to understand!!!!

16 04 2011

is there a tutorial on how to achieve the voice that high? i meant that in a different context.

16 04 2011

thanks for this, but how do i do it so people don’t navigate AWAY from my site and into google? How do I do “open link in new window?” Thanks!

16 04 2011

geezer man

16 04 2011

so far the best on links.

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