Adding Thank You Page To Our Website Free Dreamweaver Lesson 19

15 04 2011 – Congratulations we have finished our dreamweaver build your own website course. In this tutorial we will tidy everything up and make sure we are ready to upload it to our hosting via FTP. Any questions please leave below.
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15 04 2011

1stoptutorials ali
your tutorials are great ,

i love them , learn a lot from you .

take care

thank much


15 04 2011

Asian Lady needs to meet you

15 04 2011

All good, went through whole of the tutorial and made no mistake. Good explanation of things Ali. The way you say congratulations – top stuff.

15 04 2011

Great Tutorial! Having trouble getting the results you suggest. I followed everything to a t yet getting an error page when I hit submit. godaddy can’t help. WHAT’S HAPPENING?

15 04 2011

Hey ukinnayoamin, thanks for the comment. Are you looking for free hosting, if so i would imagine there are a lot out there. Always back your website up on your computer if you are using free hosting because you can loose things very easily


15 04 2011

Is there a place where i can post my website for free that offers php/form?
btw, i like your tutorials!

15 04 2011

what lesson is the one that allows me to link my stuff. i made a link but cant connect it to my folder

15 04 2011

How do you name or site like after you have finished your site how can you search for it on the internet? can some1 help please

15 04 2011

็ำัHey ekadaeh, thanks for the great comment, let me know if you get stuck or need any help, thanks ekadaeh
Happy new year


15 04 2011

Thank you man ……really thank you for this tutorials 🙂 in three days i managed to create my own site, i never did it before 🙂 I’m from Romania and i don’t understand very good the voice of other people who made tutorials….but your voice is great 😀 …..thanks again:) and i’ll keep watching some of your other tutorials 😉

15 04 2011

ooookaay!! thanks very much! now i no how to do it!! 🙂 thanks!! i m gonna tell my brothers cuz he was like searching this video “how to make a contact form and link it! ” 🙂 thanks dude!

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