Use Google Webmaster Tools to Create a robots.txt File

13 04 2011

I demonstrate how to use the Google Webmaster Tools to create a robots.txt file designed to protect sensitive areas of your blog or website.

Pulkit Agrawal from Ahmedabad, India asks: “Organic link building, according to me is one of the most difficult tasks for SEOs of SMEs. Can you please list 5 effective ways of organic link building other than building great content?”




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13 04 2011

Pretty blurry 😦

13 04 2011

its changed
from webmaster tool home page click “Site Confirguration”
“Crawler Access”
there you will be able to generate robot.txt

14 04 2011

there is sound xD

14 04 2011

I can’t see the letters and there is no sound so I would say……not much help.

14 04 2011

You mean cyber illiterates like Nick Usborne who’s pulling in !0G’s a month on a content-based website that he’s doing just for fun?

I’m not going to waste my time trying to convince you but I can show you numbers where sites with well-themed content outranks websites with 50 times the backlinks.

The net is first,last and always about information; it’s not a pissing contest to see who can wrangle the most “this way” signs to his or her website.

My guess is you just don’t like to write.

14 04 2011

Yes, he’s for real which is why he’s one of Google’s capo’s. How exactly did you arrive at the conviction that NONE of the top-10 sites for “payday loans” use ANY of these techniques–blogs, site architecture, etc?

14 04 2011

Is this for real? You show me one of the top ten listings for “payday loans” that utilizes any of these tactics. Seriously, this is horrible advice to get a site RANKED – if you aren’t actively going out and finding ways to get links to your website on a regular basis (paid or free) you better start paying for your visitors… or get a day job.

14 04 2011

@gtj100 ask the guy who owns the LOLcats blog how easy that is.

14 04 2011

how do you get links? make a site that real people actually find valuable. i wonder how much money the guy asking this question is charging clients for ‘seo’. jesus

14 04 2011

Since when He’s bald? For God sake I couldn’t recognize Him.

14 04 2011

i think article marketing is a good way to build links to your website!

14 04 2011

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14 04 2011

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14 04 2011

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14 04 2011

hmm… great one!

14 04 2011

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14 04 2011

A useful summary of this video can be found at the directory maximizer blog – it details all the points he mentions and gives examples….useful for those who would like to refer to a permanent text-based version of this video.

14 04 2011

Very Zen.

14 04 2011

Love this video – Plain english.. I already sent it out to friends.


14 04 2011

That the great tips, glad I found this video

14 04 2011

Nice vid Matt. I always watch your stuff. And not only watch, I put it into practice.

14 04 2011

Useful stuff anyboday can do

14 04 2011

I appreciate the captioning very much. I’m glad to see you are taking the steps to make this available for EVERYONE. One web. One web. For all.

And that’s some good link advice too!

14 04 2011

Thanks for a nice effort to expose some of the potpourri of legitimate and creative ideas there are to generate attention and ranking. We try to use them all, but always try to start by bringing something useful to the table.

14 04 2011

Content is king if you are a clueless retard. Massive backlinks gets u rank. If you’re lovingly cultivating organic links then you’ll starve before you get a pay out. But hey, if being poor is your goal in life then by all means keep writing that great content!

14 04 2011

Hmm.. brother you are hiding some great tips 😀 . but most effective way you mentioned in the begining. Guys if you are looking for Best SEO. then just provide great content, And share them on social networking sites. People will like it or hate it and most of bloggers blog about the information on your site. You will gain a backlink too. But if you info is really usefull then you will get repeated visitors. Content is king.

14 04 2011

Great video!

14 04 2011

When you mentioned building a blog…I don’t think you mentioned Blogger as one of the services….is there a reason for that?

14 04 2011

As usual, great video!

Anyways, THIS was a excelent video!


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