Understanding HTML tags part 1

13 04 2011

training lessons from InternetMarketingUniversity.com course
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13 04 2011

hey Internett, thx, but I keep seeing peoples with colorful names how can I do that, they told me some code like |cff00012(it’s just a sample)

And I want to creat a colorfull name with avatar, This is te require ments:
“”This is how your name will appear in the forum. You can use HTML tags!””

Can someone or you help me?

13 04 2011

wow this accutally worked thanks dude 🙂 I used it on my myspace

14 04 2011

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I like what i watched.

14 04 2011

Your making it even more complicated dude.

14 04 2011

Yea, i’m takeing a corse on html codeing and such as i did start makeing my web page with it. i will anncounce it when it is out. but this stuff can be pritty confusing beocuse u can have like 100 words typed and only about 60 of them will apear.

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