Internet Marketing Business Success Tips, Tools & Training for a Beginner

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UC Berkeley Web Design DeCal Class Fall 2010 PHP and MySQL Lecture 11 – Part 1 of 3 Slides available @
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13 04 2011

Sick of Youtubes Forced video ads? Their vevo, and copyright removal crap? Chekout, a youtube without the bullshit.

13 04 2011

I really needed to leave a comment on your video! Great video and great content! Keep up the good work! We are intervierwing people that have made over $10k a month online! With your video that I just saw, I thought you may know some people online whom have done this…can you help refer us to interview more people? Keep your videos coming!

14 04 2011

Thanks for sharing this thought provoking video, this has motivated me to achieve the goal of my business.

14 04 2011

“The whole point of getting things done is knowing what to leave undone.” very good video and thanks.

14 04 2011

Hello! Judging by your video I can see that you are interested in the online business industry. The video you uploaded was fabulous and I really, really enjoyed it and your channel will be one I will have subscribe to. I watched your video and was truly impressed. You really did a fantastic job. Thank You for the Information you provided. It was concise, informative and helpful. It will certainly help me in my line of business.


14 04 2011

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14 04 2011

i wish i become a excellent internet marketer one day

14 04 2011

This is the *only* course you will ever need on traffic. And it gets my highest recommendation. P.S. STOP. You owe it to yourself to watch this video. There’s a reason it’s taken over all the forums, twitter, facebook etc… It works. It’s making people money. And they LOVE it.


14 04 2011

Internet marketing is very important when trying to make money online especially. Check out my videos on my channel such as Build a Niche Website and How Do I Register A Domain Name? Domain names and business plans are absolutely essential to make a successful website, it cannot be done without those elements.

14 04 2011

One of my absolute favorite internet marketing secrets actually starts offline. I always insert a CD or DVD in with every order as an unadvertised bonus. When the client gets the package and discovers more than they thought they were getting, they become instantly excited and curious. They listen or watch and in many cases they order something else!

14 04 2011

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14 04 2011

Great video

Barry Cross


14 04 2011

Great vid, view my channel and be my friend. Thank you.

Take care.

14 04 2011

Thanks for posting this video. You made some great points

14 04 2011

Hey Internet Marketing Business Success Tips, Tools & Training for a Beginner

Great video that you have here I really enjoyed watching it,

Amazing job that you have done

Always keep going and never give up

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14 04 2011

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