How to Spladle outside from standing position : Spladle training with Coach T

13 04 2011 Coach T shows variations of the Spladle. Coach T trains all his wrestlers with the Kinetic Bands for Core strength leg strength power explosion speed quickness wade schalles quads hams glutes abs hips and hip flexor conditioning stamina spladel wrestle wrestler cradle spladle wrestling how to dpladle wrestling spladle hot to do a spladle youth wrestling High school wrestling cradle how to spladle wrestling college wrestling myosource kinetic bands resistance bands

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13 04 2011

@Robspy95 This game has been out for awhile now, if you haven’t decided yet, you might as well forget it. Whole walk throughs are out to watch, everything is at your disposal, you can even get it for cheap. Tenchu Fan, Tenchu game,can create your own Ninja. Awesome.

13 04 2011

Are you a she? AWESOME game.

14 04 2011

a bit too dark plus kinda weird that I saw one of my Xbox live mates sign in during the video Sgt oCrackheads well his old name anyway juat adding it in trying to decide wether not to buy this game or not

14 04 2011

thx for the vid

14 04 2011

I think its a LITTLE too dark lol

14 04 2011

The lighting isn’t really good, I still liked though.

14 04 2011

dude wassup with the lighting

14 04 2011

too dark

14 04 2011

Very pretty the first mini-film, but the gameplay is obscured xDD

14 04 2011

cant see

14 04 2011

😦 cant see!

14 04 2011

so dark!

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