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13 04 2011 – Online video training xTrain is the world’s easiest-to-use online training program for graphic design, web design, digital arts, digital photography, and online marketing. The xTrain mission is to provide the best, fastest, and most affordable training for everyone from digital professionals to students, hobbyists, and companies. Online training videos are taught by industry-best instructors and authors. Using a variety of teaching models, the xTrain videos are designed to captivate and educate everyone. The video lessons are produced at a state-of-the-art 3D studio that combines the best of technology, video, books, and seminars to create an active learning system.

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13 04 2011

Get a grip. Cali Lewis isn’t all that. The other woman, the blonde, is much prettier.

13 04 2011

i would walk across America to be able to snuggle with cali lewis.

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